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  1. My ex broke up with me nearly 4 months ago. The history between us is complicated. He pursued me then went cold, we then were friends but got back together but he told me he wasnt sure he could ever love again after a painful divorce but he kept coming back to me so I thought something was there and worth trying for but shortly after he went travelling to Asia for 3 months and when he came back he was cold and distant. He stayed over but didnt want sex which I thought was odd as after 3 months he should be gagging for it. In the morning he said he couldn't give me what I want and broke it off
  2. I'm thinking about writing a letter to my ex who ended our 4 year relationship 6 weeks ago by text and has been ignoring my texts. He says he isnt ignoring me but doesn't want the conversation to turn sour but he ended our relationship by text with no chance of me having a discussion with him about why etc has left me so hurt and I have told him how hurt i am after all our time together and all I have done for him it has made me feel so upset that he couldn't sit me down and talk to me face to face and give me what I deserved. He was cruel as he said the reason was I smelt and challenged him b
  3. So I was recently dumped by the bf of 4 years out of the blue by text and yes I was shocked and hurt especially because I believe I deserved better. Yes this guy does have issues with relationships and his emotions and when it comes to them he is very cold and does what's best for him but of course I was very hurt by this decision. I therefore tried texting him telling him how hurt I was hoping for some sense of sorrow from him for hurting me but mostly I was ignored. I decided to try and see a few friends to talk to as this is what I've been advise to do and not turn to him. So Thursday eve I
  4. I know I shouldn't but I did. I decided to send my ex one last text just because I cannot understand why he has been so selfish and cowardly to end our relationship by text and be so cold about it after 4 years and how much I've done for him. I was just telling him how upset I am, I feel depressed and been crying every day and that I looked back at my Facebook and saw how much we did together and what fun we had. I was hoping for a reply along the lines of I know you're upset and I am sorry that i hurt you in how i ended it and i was wrong and am sorry for how you're feeling. Just something to
  5. I am still struggling after the man I absolutely loved and adored ended it with me. What I am so upset about is i had no idea he was about to do it and it was by text. There were always issues with him in that he told me in the beginning that he dont think he can ever love after he went through a bad divorce...his wife turned out to be a lesbian. However after 2 times of being with me and then ending it we got together on a fwb basis for a year and then I asked him if I could be his gf and he said yes. We were together for 4 years but just like that something in him has changed and he has ende
  6. I met my bf via a social group and we have been together for 4 years so most of our friends in this group know us well as a couple. The problem is that after 4 years and with no warning at all he breaks up with me via text and with no good reason. There is a history of this as he has issues after a bad divorce and he says he cant love and doesn't want a relationship but still he always ends up with someone, not usually for very long but with me there was always a spark and we got together and things seemed ok. He seemed happy and we were great together especially when we were out in our social
  7. Oh my God you are right I really dont make good choices. My bf dumped me via text after 4 good years and I had no idea it was coming. I do feel so stupid and now I see he is out doing things which I know he can but its irritating me as I feel like he just doesn't care how hurt i am as I've stuck by him for years and understood his issues and basically been a doormat but I honestly thought he would end it with me face to face and discuss it after all this time and I know he cared about me and enjoyed what we had so I am so hurt by that so yes I am clearly not attracting the right people in my
  8. I was quite good friends with a girl who I met via a social group 7 years ago however she can be a bit suffocating and does like me to herself which I didnt always like but she was a good friend to me as I was to her. However when I met my bf she didnt like it and got a bit jealous and said I had dropped her to be with him. I dont think I did that as I always still tried to see her but it just couldn't be as often as she liked. I also have 2 kids not young kids but nevertheless I had to find time for them too so obviously the friendship dynamics will change. When she had a bf I didnt mind in f
  9. My bf broke up with me after 4 years because he said I was being difficult and challenging but I have no idea what he means. He said he asked me if I was going to have a shower one morning and I said no I will have one when I get home as all my shampoo and gel is there and he used that as the example of when I challenged him. I thought that was really unfair as I didn't even realise that my comment to have the shower at home even bothered him. But now he has said this I have been thinking and I recall times when i have wanted to talk about something like why dont he kiss me much or things to
  10. Thanks for your advice and yes I think you are right he wanted out and had to be sure to get it. What a !!!
  11. Thank you, it's good to hear that people agree with how wrong he was it definitely helps. Thanks for the advice too xx
  12. My boyfriend of 4 years ended what I thought was a good and happy relationship by text and I am finding it so hard to understand why. He also wont reply to my texts when I am trying to tell him how much he has hurt me. I had no idea this was coming either so was totally shocked. I just cannot get over how someone who I have given all my love to for so long and all the good times we have had can just do this. I said he thought I would still go round to talk but he had already told me it was.over on the text so I didnt go as was too shocked. He did say he handled it badly but was so.cold about
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