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  1. I have taken all the advice on board and decided to deactivate my Instagram for a while and have deleted her number from my phone and am going to move forward. I have to stop letting this consume my life. Its going be hard but will get better and if one day she texts me so be it and if not that's just life and I will learn from the mistakes but either way I will be in a better emotional place than I am now and that's all that matters. Thank you everyone for your advice.
  2. Thank yo everyone. She says she needs to not focus her life so much around me and work on her anxiety which she struggled with. I was good at helping one time but we seemed to lose our way. Its all just very difficult to deal with atm.
  3. Thanks guys, yeah it's the same women, been going on this long! Initial issues were never really resolved, we so should have not started seeing each other again without a long enough break first time I think. I will try and not check the social media, I think I keep putting 2 and 2 together and think she has met someone else. I couldn't even entertain that thought of meeting anyone new. I'm guessing it's not a good idea to ask her if I told her yesteday to contact me if she wants to talk about things one day. Why would she still follow me and have photos of us on her Instagram? If she wants to focus on herself and doesn't know how the future will unfold? What does she mean by this? Sorry for the ranting! Just going through it and is helping to talk about it!
  4. Hi there, going through a break up atm and finding it really tough! We were together a year and a half, lived together and covid times were hard with work and we drifted apart. We both moved out and went our seperate ways. A few months later we tried again but the same issues cropped up which were saying I act like I don't care enough and didn't seem to be bothered about seeing her when lockdown ended. I was just struggling to to show it the same as the first year we were together due to certain things which happened in the relationship. We were great together understood each other on a level like no other and I loved this girl like no other in my life. We were meant to be together and it went wrong. We loved each other and she thought I was the best thing since sliced bread and I thought she was too but did not show it enough towards the end and I think it pushed her away. Now breakup 2 has happened and I miss her so much. I tried to tell her but it seems she has moved on. Last message last night when I asked does she sees a chance for us in the future, she replied she needs to focus on herself and doesn't want the pressure of thinking about the future or how the future will unfold. I'm not sure what she meant but I have decided to give her the space and just not contact her anymore, work on myself and hope she comes back. I am just struggling daily thinking about her, checking her WhatsApp and Instagram and I get the gut feeling she has met someone else and would just prefer if I knew this for sure, when I text she was taking hours to text me back and feel she is just not interested anymore, it could be spending too many needy texts but I really think she has met someone new too. Sorry if this is a bit of a mess just wanted to get it out and hope for some advice.
  5. The break up was around 2 months ago, it was both our faults really, i wasn't showing her the love she needed and she was very insecure and we were stuck in a vicious circle, i also very stressed as i lost my job around the same time and this didn't help the relationship. We had a special bond and still do and I think this is why neither of us have let go fully. The falling out was just me and my emotions been all over the place and i wasnt very nice and very much regret it, she said to me the other day she wasn't going to talk to me ever again after it but loves talking to me and I am very special to her and she also misses me but then when i approach the phone call she said she not ready as hearing my voice will be too emotional so im not sure what the next step is here.
  6. I have read this forum and the advice seems fantastic. So where to begin, i was with my ex nearly 2 years, we fell in love straight away, moved in after 3 months but 2 years down the line a lot of different stress in the relationship caused the break up. She was always sure we were going to get back together and we were texting after the break up, then we had a falling out and i said i wanted nothing to do with her anymore and she got really hurt. Fast forward another month and we are back texting everyday and all I want is to get back with her, but she doesn't want to talk to me on the phone as she says it will be too emotional and is still hurt from what I said previously but is happy to text everyday, tbh I don't know where I stand or what to do and its consuming my life, do I just say contact me when you want to talk on the phone or do I keep texting, now what if she is texting and then is just going to move on, im so confused, hope this makes sense!
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