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  1. Mostly memories and feelings of being abused and ignored. I couldn't even ask my doctor for help before she shut me down.
  2. Last week my husband went to an energy healer because he's been suffering for many years. I told the healer that the solution will lie with both of us and he gave us one piece of information that opened floodgates that I can't close. He offered to read our fortunes based on the moment and location of birth. He came back to me with "I see you don't feel safe in this world." He also said that he couldn't read my fortune that he needed to consult with someone more experienced. I figured that out, since I never go anywhere and can't make friends. But now, I feel like my whole life is a mistake. I have been at the same job for almost 20 years and have little to no success. I started a diary questioning what would have happened if key points in my life would have turned out differently. That's where I came to this conclusion. I feel like the only person who loves me in this world is my cat, and love nothing better when she sleeps on me. I am not suicidal just in a lot of pain. Thanks for reading.
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