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  1. We definitely sound like we’ve had a lot of similar experiences! I have always felt terrible saying so, but I have never liked my mother and I have zero desire to have a relationship with her because honestly... I don’t think she’s a very nice person. But here comes the nagging guilt that tells me I’m awful for feeling that way about the person who gave birth to me; and I can imagine people warning me to cherish my mother while she’s on this earth because surely I’ll miss her when she’s gone. Honestly, I think I fear the avalanche of more guilt when she’s gone for not being able to tolerate o
  2. I’m looking for some outside perspective on a lifelong relational pattern between my mother (who is 67) and myself. Unlike her, I’m open to hearing the thoughts/viewpoints of other people and using the feedback together with my own perspective in order to continually try to become a better human. However, in my family of origin (specifically my mother- as my father has a much more balanced perspective when she is not part of the conversation) there is only one correct viewpoint, and that is and always has been and forever will be, MY MOTHER’S VIEWPOINT. 🙄 Now, this was of course a much bigger
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