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  1. All good points, she is a bit of a flirt in person and does a history of cheating on multiple guys including her last boyfriend that was less than a year ago. This makes me even more confused as to why she continually has to have all this attention when with someone. Someone mentioned she may have poor morals and I agree as you must have to continually cheat and I am certainly not going to fall into anything serious with her, but it's hard to reject someone you have so much history with Think cutting it off is the best way to go, I don't want to communicate and bring up feelings that may or may not be there with her. I'm sure she'll figure it out one day thank you everyone!
  2. I agree with the distancing myself, I don't wanna be caught up in anything. But I think that the flirting is too much to not mean, I know her very well and she hasn't been like this since we were 'together'. It has me very confused
  3. Hi guys A girl I use to date and have some history with over 6 years ago was recently single at the start of the year. She messaged me and we hung out a few times, nothing serious just catching up as we are still on good terms. I've had feelings for her in the past but she shut them down when I told her, basically a friendzone type set up. That was 4 years ago. Anyway we have been chatting on and off and hanging out for the past few months and it has been getting flirtier and flirtier, especially from her, I know she's been sleeping with other guys during which I don't care about as I don't have feelings for her anymore. She is now dating one of those guys and has been for a month or so. Out of respect I've basically cut off all communication because I don't wanna be the guy messaging someones girlfriend. She is still trying to message me despite having a boyfriend who she knows I am kinda friends with. Yesterday she messaged me and I didn't reply, then messaged me again asking why I didn't reply and getting upset because I'm not talking to her. She even messages me when she's with her boyfriend?! What does she want? I'm so confused. Ladies please explain
  4. hi guys I've been chatting to a girl on and off for the past 4-5 months. We have a bit of history a few (5-6) years ago when we dated and slept together etc. I know she is sleeping with guys at the moment and I'm sleeping with girls, there is no emotional connection or anything like that and I have been quite distant lately knowing she is sleeping with other people. I saw her in person this week and could tell instantly tell there is still a physical attraction between us. I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get back to the FWB stage and building that physical attraction. I know she isn't after anything serious and neither am I but I think we secretly both want the same thing. I am very keen but don't want to seem desperate
  5. Hi guys, I've heard a few theories lately and i'm curious. As bad as it is, does intentionally ignoring someone or ghosting actually make them miss you/attract them? It seems like a weird thing to do and not something I would necessarily do intentionally however I'd love to hear what the ladies think about as i'm sure we have all somewhat been in a situation like this before either being ignored or vice versa.
  6. I probably should of mentioned I never really have been in the friend zone with her, when we do talk there is a lot of flirting and we have slept together fairly recently..but I agree she is filling voids
  7. hi guys, I need your opinions asap! I dated a girl about for about 2 years on and off but we still are to some degree friends, we've never been on terrible terms or ever really gone through a major breakup together She is now recently single after dating a guy for 3-4 years and we hadn't spoke or even seen each other once during that time. She hit me up and we have been chatting for a few months and have caught up once. I now can't stop thinking about her and it's doing my head in. I know she is chatting to plenty of other guys including a few of my friends, she has even caught up with a close friend of mine which made me really angry and jealous. I know she has cheated on her previous boyfriends including the latest one and ones back in high school when we met. Despite all this i still can't seem to get her out of my head! I've tried ghosting her but i don't know what to do, we can never be just friends because I always end up getting attached We get on really well and I think there is definitely unfinished business but i dont know whether to give it one more shot and pursue her, or block her out completely HELP
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