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  1. I agree with the OP. I tried a couple of the free dating apps before and they were terrible (not the ones mentioned though.) The matches they gave me looked like a line-up of old, serial killers lol. Maybe I'm too picky, but if those are my matches, I'd just as soon stay single. I found that it just took up hours of time, flipping through the "matches" and hitting "no" for all of them. I don't know if the apps that cost money are any better, but I would hope so as you are making an actual investment. The other thing I found, is that men do not take woman out on dates anymore. There re
  2. No in fact he does not seem to think it a big deal. I would also say that they seem to have had a very messed up relationship, lots of issues, no emotional connection, like roommates, etc. They seem to have had problems for a long time.
  3. It was really very difficult to walk away and completely broke my heart. It took me a long, long time to even come close to getting over him and then when I did, he came back. The only reason I was able to walk away was because it was too difficult to watch him date someone else.
  4. Thank you. I think the challenge is to keep my heart out when that is not how I am and when I was already invested before.
  5. Yeah the fact that he doesn't seem to think it a big deal to cheat on his wife is definitely a very big concern. Like I said, I know he's not the ideal choice. It's not that I would choose this but I am already invested. I don't think that our friendship is ONLY about sex and I can talk to him about anything and he will respond and talk. I think we have a solid friendship foundation and I'm sure if I cut out the sex stuff, he would still be ok to just talk about other stuff too. In fact, the first day that we talked again after the 2-year separation, I was the one that started the sexual
  6. Thank you for the reply! I could try to just be his friend and set a boundary not to interact sexually and that would save our friendship. The problem with that is I don't really think it would make a difference in how I feel. The problem is that while we were friends before I was completing in love with him. I wouldn't say I'm in love with him now but when we talk those feelings tend to come back. I could just end it all together, but then I would miss the friendship, so I'm in a bit of a catch 22 either way. What drew me to him in the first place is that we get along really well, thi
  7. I feel as though I am at a crossroads. It's a long story and I'm not sure where to begin. I was friends with a man for 2.5 years who was married at the time. We basically worked together for that time period and became really close friends (texting a lot and hanging out at work, having lunch together everyday, etc.) but we never hung out outside of work. Things did cross the line in that we flirted heavily, admitted how attracted we were to each other and even kissed once in his office (we stopped because we were interrupted). I mention that to say that it was never just a friendship. Lo
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