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  1. I think part of the reason why I had to assume a lot of his feelings is because he never spoke openly about how he was feeling since in his past relationship his Ex always shot him down when he spoke openly. After Jake and Alex had a thing behind my back I made sure that it was clear that we were in a relationship since that was the reason he told me he got with Alex in the first place. I also apologized at that time for not giving us a title and for all the comments I used to say because I still didnt accept my sexuality. I do agree that going through his phone was an insecure part of my
  2. I'm not usually the type of person to post on forums but I am posting here because I have no idea what to do. To give you context to this story I always knew I was but I never openly experimented in a same-sex relationship. This all changed when I met this guy on a dating app back in 2018. When we first started talking I didn't expect anything of it especially because I was only interesting in hooking-up and experimenting. To make this story easier to understand we'll call the guy I met Jake. When Jake and I met he told me that he wasn't looking for anything serious because he was still i
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