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  1. Why does it have to be im playing games. Its not like he messaged or called me and i ignored him. Like he ignored my message ..amd can't people be busy sometimes?
  2. I never said i don't understand. That wasnt my original question.
  3. Ok what is with the attitude. Drop That, Thanks.
  4. Ive rejected about 300 people on the app. They were ones who liked my profile and pics and matched with me. This was after we messaged briefly, and they did or said something i didnt like. The guy in question did the same but then something made me come back. This doesnt happen often. Usually theyre rejected and the person wont hear from me again..sometimes i hearr from them asking why and what happened. I understand you've dated a lot and it didnt go according to plan always. But its probably still nothing in comparison to what ive experienced..it wasnt just a simple case of we didnt get on..things happened, a couple went abit further than they should have. When i say ive met nasty people, i meant it. On top of that no disrespect but im probably quite a bit younger than you
  5. Which things are normal and rattle me. Ive met tonnes off guys in person off apps and had bad experiences. But i still managed to persevere and carry on. Sometimes it can be frustrating meeting strange people. Thats all. I wouldnt say it rattles me.
  6. No but he mentioned to meet during the restrictions. Before then i was kind of in n out of his life.
  7. Its funny because all the words you described at the end i think he thinks all of that as me. Oh he actually has the pic i sent months and months ago still. I think he described something i was wearing in the pic. So i was surprised he still has it. I deleted him off the app, so he can't see any of my pics now. I think he wanted clarity because he only has the one pic..whereas ive seen about four of five pictures of him. So i guess its fair to ask for one more. 🤔 Thanks for the supportive advice 😀
  8. No i dont like video chatting with people online. I find it weird. I prefer meeting in person. He mentioned it but as i said with the restrictions, its not safe to meet as of yet
  9. Perhaps im holding on to small things, and expecting too much. I think with my past experiences i accepted a lot of bad behaviour so now im extra careful over things. You're right it ws a fair question. Initially i did think he just wanted confirmation that i am who i am. But then someone else was like he wants to see if you're f******* (excuse the rude word, but its what they said). And how would sending another picture confirm im not a catfish because i could easily get two pics that are not me. I suspect its a mixture of the two. 🤔 and to your last paragraph.. i know 🤔
  10. I always change my photos on my apps. All my photos are recents. I unmatched him a long time ago when there was a disagreement. He has my number and we communicate that way. Believe it or not its a paid app. And people actually pay to act like a creep 😂. I would rather not spend any money whatsoever after viewing the quality of people..there are features which would be available to me had i paid. I.e stricter criteria. Their standards are lower in the sense the people they find are not that attractive ( to me anyway). My friends i mean. They dont meet creeps because they were too scared to meet anyone off apps. I think this guy assumed i took some random pic of a girl off thr internet. I guess im flattered he thinks someone would use that photo. Which is actually me 😂😂
  11. I guess. There are some things about him which fulfill my checklist... The career thing..hes around my age..and hes good looking..
  12. Its happened before. But i think its more that i end up taking my time and taking the person for granted. However if the person is too intense (which he was at first)...it causes me to back away. He was putting time limits on me and pressure to move things forward quicker than it was according to him. I guess he realised that wasnt going to happen with me..but after he just allowed me to come to him instead
  13. Ok so ....what do you think i should have said instead in all those examples ? Or what should i have done instead? He asked do i want to meet him? He didnt say i want to meet you or we should get together sometime it would be fun. So i didnt see the way he asked me as a kind gesture necessarily. It was then followed by...send me a photo first though(another photo he already has one) ..so he then turned into a conditional meet up. Based on if he likes my second photo. Or that's how he made it sound
  14. No hes not an officer. He is another type of key worker though Do i come across judgemental? If he had asked earlier to meet way before the pandemic i would have maybe met.him by now. But he kept acting suspicious of me...like he didnt trust i was who i said i was. I guess now he sort of felt..well a couple of months after speaking to me that it.would be ok to meet me. I am cautious of neither of us liking each other in person or just one liking the other more. I wouldnt say im scared and holed up though.
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