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  1. Hey, I want to say you're right. He said he won't divorce in churh because it will keep his exwife feel bad. And he doesn't care I feel bad or not.
  2. Hi, because he divorced in court, and didn't divorced in church. I asked him would he divorced in church for me, he said no, becuase don't divorced in church then his exwife can't marry in church anymore the she will feel bad. So maybe she still most important for him
  3. Thank you SophiaG, and thank you for reading this all. Yeah, what he told me way of his divorced is really bad. Maybe he even doesnt good as I thought.
  4. Almost because he came here(maybe for me) and I appreciated it. I am not sure that am I the random one actually
  5. I found his exwife on facebook and other website, seems he didn't lie about his divorce. Maybe I think he's pity and shouldnt date anyone because I am in relationship with him.
  6. Ive met him twice, second is we tripped. Yes, maybe he always doubt I am cheating now.
  7. Yes, I am very feel confused from his sign now. Even with others problems, he had ignored me or treated me bad occasionally, so that made me want to compared. I already lost my thinking, right, I need time.
  8. I think past is also important of person what decided who is him too. Yes, I told him if I am not proper to him, he should break up. I didn't have any relationship before if you read all.
  9. Yeah, that's almost I feeling. Do you think he still love his exwife so it's hard to say anything about her? I also feeling he doesn't care about what I feeling. He rarely ask me what I think, what I care or what I mind. I want to share opinions, but he seems doesn't like. And for me if like a person I would like to tell everything to him whatever sad or happy, but he only said that's make he feel bad. So I always thinking maybe he liked talk everything to his ex, not me. Ive tried to understand what his thought or anythings, but I really feel alone in this relationship.
  10. Yea, he is a smart and good person. But seems only good for himself. If he told me before we met or when we just talked, I wont into this relationship. If when I asked about his relationship that he told me turth I will not feel bad as now. After fall in love with him, he told me so, I only feel that's like a lie
  11. No, but not language barrier. I havent been his country, he had been here twice, once met, once trip with me. I don't know, just because he said he likes me, and came here, I think why not try.
  12. And if you said so, here's his message when he told me that. '5 years ago I quit relationship with my ex in court. After 2 years of marriage, almost 5 years of relationship. I already told you the reason why it ended, that she found somebody else, took my money and set my parents against me. It ended 5 years ago. I didn't tell you before because I wanted you to judge me be the what person I am, not by my past. But if you already know me, you can know everything. I'm telling this to you now, to give you a time before January. Just in case you will consider me now to be worse kind of person I
  13. Nope, during the 1 year of our talking, he never said he is divorced, even once I asked him that does he had relationship before (because he seems never had from his words), he only said there's 5 years relationship. When we met each other he still not told me that. After we in relationship for 2 months, he suddenly told that in fact that's 3 years relationship with 2 years marriage.
  14. Before he only said he found her cheating on computer. But once I asked that, he said after he found it, his ex wife said that her words is different as his words, and he believed it. Then she just said she will go to her grandmother's birthday, just leave. Not he wanted to left this marriage, it's his exwife leave him
  15. I don't know hows his thinking, so I want to ask, but he doesn't want to talking. Because when he just told me he is divorced, he told me that he wants a stable life, and his ex(wife) mention it and he liked this. After we had a few talking, he said after 4 or 5 months in relationship with her what he feel bad with her. I don't feel there's any logical
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