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  1. The guy straight up tells her he’s wondered what these women he’s ogling would be like as his girlfriend or in an intimate setting. That is not her mind magnifying things. That is a very point-blank statement saying he’s thinking of what life would be like with these women instead of his GF. OP, this guy seems very disrespectful to your feelings. The sheer level of disrespect is on another level. Lose the loser.
  2. The reason for some the responses is because you’ve been in a relationship for the past 7 years and suddenly this event from the past is eating you up. You have a good friend and long term partner by your side. I agree the time you’ve been spending thinking about this long ago event is stealing time away from your current girlfriend. You should try to determine why this has become an issue. Something must have happened in your current relationship to make you reflect back on your time with Jane. Either that, or you’ve had a bit of free time to think about random things, which led you back to this event. Pretty soon, one thought has snowballed into a real life problem.
  3. I have an old account that I cannot gain access to. Even after resetting the password, it’s still inaccessible. I honestly don’t even remember what the username is (it was created many years ago). Because of this, I created a new account. I then got an email stating I’ve broken a few rules by establishing another account. I don’t have the authority to reply to that message to ask for help. So, the question is, can the old account be deleted?
  4. It’s interesting that you only refer to her as the mother of your children. It seems like she viewed you as a partner during the first half of your time served. Did you see her in the same light or only as your childrens’ mother? As others have mentioned, your first priority is rebuilding a solid connection with your children. The mother sounds like she is in not in a stable state of mind right now. Getting involved would likely result in her going between you and her boyfriend. That’s definitely not what you need when trying to get your life back in order.
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