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  1. I think that was my the biggest mistake.. i believed that i can be with him forever.. i didn't think he will get bored after just a 1.5 year.. This situation is just so difficult because this year and a half changed my whole life.. i left everyone in my country and moved here because he made me feel that i can have a very good life with him.. but he changed, he became a completely different person
  2. No, I don't live with him. I have a very good job here and a few friends that I met after i moved to UK. I know I would have a good life with or without him but it's just difficult when you gave someone so much and you just have to forget all of this.
  3. He is not my first boyfriend. I'm 22, he's 24. I was in the relationship for 4 years before (i know i was really young). After I broke up with my ex, I met him and 3 months later I was in the relationship with him. I've changed my whole life.. He's from UK, I'm from Poland.. I moved to UK after being in the relationship with him for a few months. That's why it is so difficult for me to just give up on him...
  4. I'm still attracted to him because when we spend time with each other he is amazing. We can do everything together. but when we don't see each other he is like completely different person.
  5. I still can't give up on him because for 1.5 years everything was ok but now something changed and idk why..
  6. He explained himself as he didn't want to cheat on me, he just wanted to check if he is still attractive. That was the most stupid explanation i've ever heard but i still have forgiven him.. i though he is worth this and he promised to change but i still feel like he just prefer to speak and spend time with his mates.. he needs 'day off' from me etc. I don't know if he is worth my time, if i should believe his words that he needs a time to find himself. i don't want to be used..
  7. Hi, Long story in short. From a few months my boyfriend was acting strange. I was telling him that i feel something is wrong, he was trying to calm me down saying 'everything is okay'. 1 month ago I've found out that he had a tinder and spoke to different girls.. i was completely broken.. I didn't know if I should give him a chance.. after that we spoke i decided to give him another chance but... he told me, he is not sure if he wants to be in the relationship at the moment (we are together from October 2018), he said he can't commit to me etc. I wasn't sure what to do but we decided to wor
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