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  1. Very few people know the whole story only one or two close friends. When I told them they were total shocked one friend even went as far as saying we were the perfect couple. He is a very caring partner. We do everything together. Have the same interests. One friend knows everything and has spent a lot of time with both of us over the years. My partner aslo confides I her. She is convinced of his remorse over his actions and that he is desperate to get his mental health under control and build a stronger relationship. She has actually talked me out over ending the relationship and to give him a chance to prove himself.
  2. My boyfriend of 7 years and I have had a really rough couple of years. It started when I found out he had been on chat rooms with other women. Then I found out he had issues with gambling and online porn. Last September I found out he had had an affair lasting a month with a co worker. It was at this point that he really opened up and started talking about being abused as a child and depression. He has tried to get counselling and is on a waiting list for sessions. He has been opens with me since september. I have the log ins for all his social media/ bank accounts/ devices. He has talked to me about how he is feeling and we have really opened up lines of communication between us. He seem to really want to change and make a go of things. The problem is i keep going over things in my head. I cant get the thought of the too of them together out of my head. It's making being intimate with him very difficult. We used to have a full and adventurous sex life now i find that aspect really difficult. I want to let go of the negativity but I'm finding it hard. Is this normal? No I just need to give this time or has too much damage been done?
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