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  1. I'm an only child. As for my father, he's pretty much a stranger to me. After awhile he married again and got busy with his new family. Now he only gives me courtesy calls once or twice a year. It's obvious he doesn't want to be bothered and honestly I don't feel anything for him either. I've always been very introverted with very few friends. So you can see how my life became centered around my mom and her problems. Yes, we both work in educational sector and in my country there's no sign of educational institutions opening yet. So we both work from home and we're stuck together. I
  2. To everyone around us, my mother and I have the best mother-daughter relationship possible. Everyone says I'm lucky to have a mother who is like a friend to me. After my parents' divorce fourteen years ago, my mother brought me up alone. I have an immense amount of respect for her for that. Since we were two women living alone without any third person with us, and since my mother is pretty progressive, we always had a friendly relationship. I've been there to witness all her relationships and breakups and everything in between. I've been the friend who had always been there when she neede
  3. Thanks a lot, everyone. Your advices have made me a lot more confident in my decision. I kept thinking my decision was unfair to her, but I'm glad everyone agreed that I owe her nothing. I've decided to gradually reduce communication with her because leaving immediately while we were talking would be too confrontational and I'm scared. If she still can't take a hint I'll tell her our differences politely and block her if necessary. I can just ignore her emails then. Thanks again for the help. I made the right decision to ask for advice instead of being confused on my own.
  4. Hi, guys. I'm new here and I need help urgently. Sorry if this ends up being too long. So I have been friends with this girl for nearly four years. I found her on Twitter and we both liked the same band so we bonded over that. We both were teenagers back then. I was nineteen and older than her. We didn't talk about anything except that band and we weren't that close. Then things changed. I stopped liking that band though she didn't. I became uninterested in talking to her but I felt obligated to keep her as a friend. As we started talking about things other than that band I realized she and
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