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  1. Hi everyone, it's my first time asking for advice like this,, thank you for your time!! > Okayyy so,, on Feb 14th I and my crush started dating. We were really in love but I started feeling insecure because it felt like I'm going against my parents ( they don't know because our religion be different and mine really doesn't approve relationships) and I started feeling guilty thinking he deserves much better than me so two months later, on April I broke up with him. He seemed chill then, and for awhile he didn't talk to me. I thought we'd still be in contact, n we are!! We are friends like how we used to be just that he doesn't talk much now like he used to,,, I love him, I really do and I tarted having looots of mental breakdowns,, so I finally decided that I was just unsure of what I was feeling issall,, maybe that's why I broke up?? I dunno.. Anyways I tell him every now and then that I love him n to go out with me and he just shrugs it off, Yesterday I asked him if he still loved me and he said 'maybe...🙃' What does that mean? :( I don't want to hurt him, I don't know if I should pursue to get back together with him or just end things once and for all? I'm soo sorry, this seems really long D: I really don't know how to get straight to the point, I'm awfully sorry but please do help me \>
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