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  1. He's not a firefighter and yes that was definitely my last attempt like I said I'm taking a calmer approach. But he's actually been the one reaching out now.
  2. I can't go into detail about what he does, but he typically works between 12-24 hours.
  3. Maybe I said that wrong, I didn't ask for any proof nor was he really sending proof. He was just showing me what he's been up to. But yeah.. food for thought.
  4. So for those who read my previous post (He's ignoring me), here's an update. So most people agreed I should let it go and move on. So instead of heeding everyone's advice, I did the complete opposite (I know, don't kill me guys😅). I sent him a bottle of his favorite drink with a little note saying I'm sorry for my behavior and would like to continue to be in contact. He mentioned before that it was really hard to find it over here. Yeah, I know crazy idea.. this could go two ways. He either thinks I'm a crazy stalker or maybe he sees it as a nice gesture. So it was the latter, he reached ou
  5. So I met this guy on a dating app, we hit it off via text and went out on a couple of dates. He always a gentleman and we got along so well. He then invited me over to his house to cook me dinner. We slept together and the week after (This was right before the lockdown) I went over again and things were fine. So because of the lockdown, we continued talking via text, etc as usual. Then one day I just had a feeling and decided to look on the dating app where we both met and I noticed he had updated his profile. This really hurt my feelings even though I know he did nothing wrong because we have
  6. So update for those interested: He texted me, so all is good 😅
  7. For those wondering why we've only been on two dates. We started talking at the beginning of the year and went out for the 1st time in February. He lives in Germany and I live in the Netherlands, which are neighbouring countries, but there's still a bit of distance, plus I had quite a busy schedule.
  8. So I just started talking to this guy since the beginning of this year. We have been on two dates and set up the third one where I was supposed to go to his house and he would make me dinner. But this past weekend he got into a car accident, luckily he wasn't physically hurt, but his car is completely destroyed (he really loved that car and spent a lot of time and money into it). He sent me a picture of it the next day saying he almost lost his life. I tried to call him and sent him a text to ask if he was ok. He answered the next day in the evening that he's sorry, but he's going through a lo
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