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  1. Well everyone tells me to move on, every video out there says to go no contact. I'm just confused about what to do. She sort of knows, but sort of doesn't, I mentioned it in the first email, but also told her later I understand why she broke up with me and apologized.
  2. Well, it was a photo session wherein I posted the best pictures to facebook. She doesn't neccesarily "know" it's for online dating per se though may suspect. Yes, I want to reconcile, and get back together as a couple if possible. I'm willing to make some of the changes and compromise with what she wanted me to before. I know she doesn't hate me. I am trying to move on otherwise but it's been difficult. I just want to know what people think her intent was, in light of my message.
  3. Long story short, I got dumped a month ago. A lot of it was my fault, since I neglected a LDR that I didn't really fully commit or invest enough in. One of the last texts from me was (be prepared this was long but there were a lot more): "I don't know if you'll ever respond to any of these messages or want to talk to me but that's fine but that's fine and I understand. I should have never made you f eel abandoned and understand why you hate me in some ways for that reason. I accept that, I just don't want to have you avoid coming to (my hometown), if you get a date or something because im here or avoid some show I might be at. I recall I just recall you said some stuff about exes in the past but I may be misinterpreting things. I still feel like we have a deep connection and just want friendship and peace. I don't want to avoid talking or commenting on posts or whatever in the future in case someone gets the wrong idea or something. I don't hate you for what happened but know why you did it. That's all I had to say and hope you have a happy birthday". So I got some new online dating profile pics done a week ago and posted the first of them this past wednesday. She proceeded to "like" the picture. I thought nothing of it (as I should right) but then I posted a gallery of more of the pics, again she liked those pictures (three days after when i posted the gallery). What message is she sending with these likes taking into context that above conversation? In regards to those terms "haunting" or "breadcrumbing" do these actions count as such? Just curious pretty much what you all think.
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