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  1. It genuinely wasn't there as a back up. Both of us still had an account even after we became bf/gf purely because we had no reason to go on it anymore so why would we need to go back on it just to delete it? The only thing wrong with that is, when things were going rough, I couldn't resist checking mine (I only did this once) and my gf's messages purely because I wanted reassurance that everything was going to be alright (stupid I know). Our relationship in general has been fantastic, like genuinely happy. But, she says that some things do remind her of the same situation she had with her e
  2. I literally went on it once to check our messages a week before she saw it. I no longer have the account.
  3. Yes I am in therapy for my OCD. The thing is though, she says she now understands why I went on Tinder and gets that. Whenever we see each other, we hug really tightly and she kisses me all over, but then there's always a nagging thouht at the back of her mind. She's depressed, she spent yesterday in bed and when I went to see her, she said she felt like she wanted to end her life.
  4. I didn't know where else to go for advice so, here goes: On the 11th January of this year, me and my girlfriend were on my laptop when a Tinder notification came up in the corner of the screen. I had looked at previous messages between me and my girlfriend the week before when we'd first started talking because I felt I needed reassurance that everything was going to be ok in our relationship as we'd been going through a rough patch. My girlfriend saw the notification and thought I'd been looking at other girls. I made it worse by the fact that I lied first and said I hadn't been on it.
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