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  1. I have an update. I saw him today and he asked how the event went. He then said he was annoyed that he wasn't able to come with me and felt like he'd missed out because it sounded great! I then told him the events are on every month (this is in relation to our shared hobby, btw) and he said 'In that case, let me know if you want to go again next time?'. So I said great, I would like to. I then told him I've signed up to all the events every month (give or take a few) and he said 'I think I'll probably do the same then.' Totally agree that friendships and relationships should be reciproca
  2. What I meant to add was, I will also ask him to get coffee again regardless. And see how it plays out, in either direction.
  3. The compliments are always said quietly and a bit awkwardly imo. Example, we were all put together in a group one day and talking about bands. He whispers 'I really liked the top you were wearing yesterday, btw. They are one of my favourite bands too.' Weirdly he didn't actually compliment me when I was wearing it! Another time I was ranting about something and it was only when the rest of the group were distracted that he said 'I always appreciate your rants'. It's hard to describe online, but the way he speaks to me always seems more thoughtful and attentive than a friend. In every oth
  4. Thanks, Cherylyn. I think your advice is good. When he first joined the hobby/group I'm in he was so shy and awkward with lots of people. He has come out of his shell a lot and I felt bad today for feeling like I put him back in it! Thanks for saying I didn't make a mistake. I needed to hear that.
  5. He was actually the one that suggested going to an event together previously. He said this event was coming up if I'd like to go but then it was cancelled and that was that! Shortly before xmas. I am disappointed. I was pretty sure he'd say yes as I was confident the feelings were mutual. I'll see him tomorrow so just need to put my smiling face on I guess!
  6. I agree with you Clio. There is no reason for him not to ask me out if he likes me, as I have clearly demonstrated I would like to spend more time with him. It is not as though I will reject him - which is a bit how I'm feeling at the moment, silly as that might sound.
  7. Thanks for your reply - and you're welcome! Isn't it a bad sign that he didn't suggest another activity if he couldn't make the event I invited him to? The ball is surely in his court now to ask me to something if he does like me.
  8. I've known a shy guy for a few months now, through a hobby and our mutual friends. At first I just thought was a nice guy, but then he showed such attentiveness & desire to get to know me, always doing me favours etc and he started to melt my heart. In fact the first time we met we talked for about 4 hours straight! Aside from this if we are all out in a big group I often catch him looking at me although he looks away when caught. And he compliments me quite a bit. So I decided to ask him out to an event this week- he replied saying he would have really liked to, but that he already
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