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  1. Hello, my 16 year old thoroughbred I’ve noticed stands Parker occasionally like he needs a wee. I’m very curious as to why he does this. He doesn’t do this when he is in the field only when I get him out to groom he does also stand in his stable with his bum against the wall, but yet again doesn’t do this in the field against anything. He doesn’t act like he is in any pain along his back at all, and when ridden he’s slightly stiff to begin with but he’s been this way for a while due to his age and soon loosens up after a warm up and is not always stiff to begin with. A few years ago he did fra
  2. So my boyfriend of 3 years has just gone travelling in Australia for 6 weeks ( he left on Tuesday) and I’m not sure if I should break up with him and leave him to just explore. He tells me he wants to stay together and that we can get through it and be better than ever when he comes home because it’s only 6 weeks. Although we are only 18, and I’m worried he’s going to end up cheating or something of the kind which would honestly break my heart and I don’t think I would ever be able to get over that! He hasn’t ever given me a reason to believe he would but people keep asking me if I trust his w
  3. Yeh that makes sense I don’t know I just assumed men had the same kinda thought process but I see know that that’s not correct. Obviously I know they’re all individuals but a lot of men are very similar in their ways on certain things. I just don’t understand why I get so emotional about the little things and he’s able to cope and focus more on the bigger picture
  4. I know but I’m also unable to speak to him throughout the day it just feels so strange and I feel so empty right now
  5. That’s why I came here I did not want to burden my boyfriend with all of these worries and thoughts even though I know he would try his best to comfort me like he always does.but yes I do worry a lot about everything, mainly stupid things but some more deep such as loosing my boyfriend, him cheating, The thought of not having my parents one day and the concept of dying etc....
  6. I’m not going to lie I am very clingy but equally he’s the same which is why this came to a supprise to everyone and I don’t think even he realised what he’d signed up to until he left this morning. Of course I have a life outside him I have a wonderful group of friends and a large supportive family however that doesn’t change the fact we’ve always chosen to be together... wether that’s together with family, together with friends or together just us. And this is exactly what you’ve said he may want ‘breathing space’ however that doesn’t change the fact I don’t know how I’m going to cope withou
  7. I’m not saying all men are this way but he is and that’s what he’s tried to explain to me and what I’ve collected from all the other replies on here and all the other men in my life including my dad/ grandad are that way too so that’s the way I see it :/ the individual men I’m close to are this way sorry if it’s offended you
  8. I didn’t even read back what i wrote until just now and you’re totally right. I know my thoughts just run away with me and I’m sure he’s sleeping peacefully right now with not a single thought because that’s just the difference between men and women. I just struggle because I think about all the cute little things he does like bring me a cup of tea up in the morning or rub my wrist when I’m tired and I know men don’t even think about these little things and that’s why they cope so much better I just really needed other people’s perspectives which is why I came on here to ask. And it’s fair t
  9. I don’t worry about it day to day as I know he does love me and he’s very affectionate and good at showing it when we’re together but when we are apart he’s so bad at communicating and it makes me feel like I have to put in a lot of effort to ensure we stay in contact! I’m even more worried because of the 11 hour time difference! However yet again this could be me over analysing because it’s such an unfamiliar experience! And when we phone call he’s such as sweet as ever :( I don’t know I just feel worried I suppose because of all the temptation and new experience he’s going to be having I jus
  10. He’s not staying in one place for longer than a week or two so it’s not enough time to ‘meet someone’ I’m not fretting over that I was just reffering to a one night stand situation. And I know that know one goes away knowing they are going to meet someone but surely if he thought that he would be tempted to get with someone else or would want to be doing that he would have left me and taken an easy route where he doesn’t have to call or message me
  11. Thank you so much :( if he wasn’t so drop dead gorgeous I wouldn’t be as worried but he’s just so wonderful that it wouldn’t shock me to find out girls were throwing themselves at him :( I really hope he doesn’t find any temptation. But thank you I’m going to try and keep myself as busy as I possibly can :(
  12. I understand that but if he’s not ready to commit to a permanent relationship then surely he’d have broken up with me before he left and wouldn’t have committed to me for nearly 3 years now. Surely finding temptation shouldn’t even be on the cards if he’s been with me for so long and reassured me he won’t do anything? Also if he’s going out there knowing there’s going to be a whole sea of girls to choose from he would have taken the easy option and left me before he went?
  13. He obviously knew that it wasnt going to make me happy knowing he wasn’t going to be around for such a long time or for Christmas. However with his work he’s busy all throughout summer with harvest so the only time he’s able to go is over the groggy winter period which is what he conveyed to me when I told him I would really miss not spending Christmas with him. He told me this is something he has to do while he has the chance so he doesn’t regret anything in our future, and I also don’t want that burden on my shoulders knowing I was stood in the way so I understand completely where his head i
  14. I know travelling is a huge part of a lot of people’s lives and he’s going to need to do this to make sure he doesn’t look back and regret not doing it. I don’t want that burden on my shoulders. It’s just the first taste I’ve had of feeling so alone and empty. And with the time difference I’m scared we won’t keep in contact enough to ensure the relationship is maintained:(
  15. It’s so difficult to come to terms with the fact he may not be in my life forever as we are so young. We both very much rely on each other as you have stated and I am fully aware of this and I know that needs to change it’s just because we’re each other’s emotional support and we are so close that we’ve gotten to a point where we only want each other. But I understand we need to break away from this and learn to be apart I’m just not sure how to achieve this :( it also makes me sad that he’s able to break away and do such a thing and I’m envious of him although proud and happy for him at the s
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