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  1. Well I feel like I have heard that statement so many times and I can’t understand why someone would keep repeating it over and over. Why does there even have to be a numbering system? I was little confused first time he said that. We don’t argue. But why would someone even have to say that? After I heard it few times I started feeling like I’m imposing. Me feeling worthless , comes from me not understanding what to do with that information. Wouldn’t it then be better if he wouldn’t date at all so all his focus can be on kids.? I’ve just never been in this situation and don’t know what to think
  2. That doesn’t sound like an advice but a bunch of judgemental statements coming from someone that got severely irritated by my question. I’m assuming you have kids?
  3. I met this guy and we have been dating for a few months now. I’ve never dated anyone with kids before but it seems like his focus nr 1 are his kids. I am ok with that but after he repeated how his kids are number 1 several times I got turned off and it made me feel worthless . I feel like I don’t see future with him when his future are his kids. I want a partner I can build a future with together , buy a house. I feel he will do all this but mainly for his kids. I feel investing into future with this guy will be bad investment for me. I cancelled our date tonight and don’t feel like seeing him
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