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  1. I can guarantee that his plan is not having me home to control me because he made it clear he does not want to support me financially. He wants me to have a job for me to be able to provide for myself which is good. I think it all comes down to selfishness. He wanted to sleep in so instead of me getting up at 6 and making noise (a bit of noise), he wanted me to stay in bed longer to not wake him up and do my own things later. It is all about him and his own confort. I definitely think he is cheap. I definitely do not need a man that pays me fancy stuff but being cheap on the food and counti
  2. Well I do not know but that is how people perceive him. I mean he is not a bad person overall but as long as he has his own little confort he does not really care about the other which is something he will have to work on in his relationship.
  3. I do not think he is a misanthrope though; people will describe him like soft mannered. He is a very calm and overall has been nicely educated.
  4. Here some news. When I mentioned to him I will move back to Europe, he did not take it very well; he said he thought by doing this move we were committed to each other. He was off for four days during the week and was telling me I should stay home because he wanted to sleep in. We had to move to the official new place where there is no internet for a short while. I was up every morning at 6 to take my bus at 7.25 and go downtown to work on my resume, use internet connection and applied for jobs here and there. I also went to a place where they give mock interview which helped me gai
  5. I saw another face of him yesterday. I was supposed to leave early to take the bus to meet someone downtown for work. I made a mistake with the bus schedule and missed actually the bus that was supposed to bring me to town. Anyway, it was 8 am and asked him if he could give me a ride. His answer was take the next one. I told him that I was supposed to have this job interview at 9 and if he could give me a ride as the next bus was schedule too late to arrive on time at my interview. He told me that was poorly plan which I have to admit that I got confused with the different buses to take and
  6. Wiseman 2 Your comment made me laugh as he told me when he agreed to pay food that I will have to not eat more than half of the food that he is paying for. I did not say anything as he eats more than I do anyway but I thought it was weird. He is not divorced but as a man in his thirties (34) he said I was his longer relationship. He has never had any relationship longer than 6-9 months. He likes to remind me how a good man he is, etc...He likes to hear he makes the best coffee, the best cooking, the best everything. At first, it was cute but now it is a bit tiring to hear. I do not know if
  7. I did mention in my post that before moving I checked that the town we were going to move in had a similar program which it had. Initially, I was planning to go to SFU but now with this moving not anymore.
  8. By reading all the posts here, I can totally see with hindsight how bad my decision was. I mean we all are responsible of ourselves and nobody forces me to move to the new places, so I have of course responsible of the situation I put myself in. I have just been naive maybe. For my defense, I did mention back in BC the possibility of me moving there after he got settled down but he did not like this idea as we were too far from each other. BC-Ontario. He knew my situation and asked me to follow him mentioning it would be a great opportunity for us down the road as at first I was not very e
  9. I am a PR, so I do not think I will have difficulty to get a job. The whole issue here was that he came back on his promise. I am not in the street or anything. We had a talk tonight and he told me that he will help me out after all but then after that 50/50 which I am ok with. He added that he wanted me to be independent as soon as possible as he will never take care of me financially which makes me even more motivated to get a job to avoid owing him anything. Outside of that, our relationship is good. We do not have trust issue or anything else. He treats me well but I think money will be an
  10. I would to add that we are both alone in this country and that I do not want to have a free ride on somebody else's back. Before moving I looked at different universities to see if they were offering my post bac education program. Once I found out they did, I said to him that I was willing to relocate with him but on the condition that he will pay for the expenses the time I find a job. He agreed and gave me a two months time frame. I thought it was fair. Now i am not trying to wait for two months to go by as I like earning my own money. The plan of this moving was for me to not use my educati
  11. Hi Everyone, The two months haven t expired yet as we have just moved here last week. As far as my job search, I have been looking for it from day one, even before moving. My first language is also not English but French. I do not consider this as being necessarily an obstacle to finding a job but I have to admit that it makes it harder for me during job interview as we live in anglophone province. This is obviously not the main problem of this thread, but my boyfriend coming back on our arrangement. Before moving, we agreed that if I was leaving my job, he will pay for rent and other ex
  12. Hi everyone, My boyfriend got a great job on the other side of the country and I accepted to follow him. We have been together for two years. I had to quit my job and I am currently unemployed. Before leaving he told me he will pay for rent and food until I can find a job. He gave me a two month time frame to find one. The issue we are currently facing is he wants me to pay half of the food even if I still did not find a job. He said it is fair as I eat half of the food, actually not really but whatever. I tried to explain that it was unfair to me and that it was not the initial plan. He
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