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  1. You're 100 % NOT responsible for him potentially taking his life. I've had those threats thrown at me in past relationships too, I know how horrible it feels! But again you aren't responsible for him, his mental health, or anything he might do. That falls on him and no matter what he does/says/blames on you - it's got NOTHING to do with you. Your health and mental well being should be your number one priority. This guy is not only emotionally abusive but physically and that's not something that will change, ever. People just don't change who they are at their core. It only intensifies with age
  2. Maybe a long distance relationship just isn't right for you. They're hard for anyone. Don't ever feel like you have to match his tastes or change anything about you, your art style, ect. Only change something if it will help you be more comfortable in any relationship you may have in the future. Are you insecure in general? Talking to someone about that could really help. People have different tastes and that doesn't mean what you like and what you make isn't good. If you feel like he really doesn't appreciate you in general then it's probably a good idea to move on.
  3. One thing I would really like to do actually is phlebotomy. I have a few other ideas but that one interests me the most! I would love to be able to support myself and get my own little apartment one day.
  4. I've actually made a list in one of my journals about all the things I disliked about him lol. Whenever I start feeling sad or I start missing the relationship, I look at it. Helps! Thanks for the reply! I definitely agree with everything you said.
  5. I agree, he's definitely not ready for a relationship. Thanks for all your replies everyone!
  6. Without a doubt! My past relationships have been with people who are more needy as well but this was 10 times worse. I go back and forth on the friendship idea.. Right now I'm just trying to focus on myself and distance from him a bit more. I will keep that in mind though. I sometimes forget his actions really showed he didn't care about my feelings, even those his words said he did.
  7. I did worry about my mom. Me and my mother are very close though. We're very open with each other too. She was really supportive of our relationship, as long as I was happy. I definitely plan to focus on myself and my health now though. It was neglected while I was in the relationship. I do want to try to get a part time job somewhere close once I'm feeling better. Honestly, I'm not sure I'm cut out for relationships. I don't mind the idea of being on my own. Thanks for the reply!
  8. Yes, I am seeing a psychiatrist. They suggest exposure therapy which I'm working on slowly at my own pace. I've had some very bad panic attacks while being at restaurants in the past, and it's just something I've never been fond of to begin with so that's probably where my anxiety with that comes from. About him being irresponsible for not finding stable work, yeah.. I live somewhere where there is a ton of places to apply at but he was very selective. Wouldn't even look at a grocery store or anything like that because they didn't offer the hours he wanted. But then he complained when he f
  9. Oh believe me, I know! Lol. There was a lot I needed to get out. And trust me it was longer before I went back and took stuff out. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to read it and give a response.
  10. Hey everyone. I really just wanna rant and see if there's anyone out there who has had similar experiences or has some advice to share. About a month ago now I broke up with my boyfriend. We were together about a year and three months. After 9 months we decided to move in together. I did feel that was too soon, and I regret that decision. Our relationship until that point was long distance but he would visit me for a couple weeks each month since we had started dating and because we weren't too far from each other. The visits went great for the most part. There were times here and there wh
  11. If you want out this soon in a relationship, it's a good idea to end it. He sounds very manipulative. None of his reactions or actions are warranted and especially the ones relating to sex. That's just not okay. Ever. As far as I'm concerned, you've done nothing wrong. No healthy relationship will have you walking around on eggshells.
  12. You're not paranoid at all! It doesn't sound like this is headed anywhere fantastic.. I would suggest maybe taking a break from the relationship for a while and see how things go and how you feel. A bit of space might be a good thing for both of you.
  13. I agree with Wiseman2. She doesn't seem like she wants to do a long distance thing at this point. She seems to really like you and might not realize by saying "it's not no forever" is selfish and it's putting you in a very difficult, awkward place. Friendships are a great thing to have but if you don't feel like that's something you can do, that's okay too. You haven't known her all that long. I'd say just give yourself some time and space to think about it.
  14. Hey! First of all, I'm sorry you're going through this. :( It sounds absolutely exhausting. (I did read your other post about the moving weekend as well.) How long exactly have you guys been together? These kinds of problems this early on aren't a good sign that this will be a long term relationship, let alone just a healthy one. These may be minor and trivial things to have disagreements about in an average relationship, but the way he's responding to these issues is extreme and out of left field. Personally, I don't think he's ready for a relationship. He sounds like he has a lot of his o
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