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  1. Thank you so much for your reply!! I feel you totally get my situation and I really appreciate it. Brilliant advice. I have totally thought "is he like this with all the ladies?" And he probably is. However,I am not after anything serious right now. But i would like to see what happens. As I said above if nothing ever comes of it,I will not be devastated or heartbroken. I am just excited to see where it all leads. [emoji4]
  2. Thank you! I am level headed. I dont dream up mad scenario's or jump the gun. After all the advice I got, I'm just going to carry on as normal and see what happens. If it does,it does... and if it doesn't no harm done. [emoji4]. I just feel I am out of the dating game so long (married for 9 years) and a little like a fish out of water. I have forgotten how to flirt (which I used to be quite good at).
  3. Maybe your right. I will wait. Play it put and see what happens. Thank you. [emoji4] I really appreciate everyone's advice.
  4. I dont do dating apps. I'm a bit old fashioned (even though I'm only in my 30's) and I much prefer to meet someone in the flesh. I dont understand why I should wait till I'm near divorce (next year) when my ex husband is living with someone new already. And by the way,I'm not bad mouthing my ex, we split very amicably. It was a joint decision as we were no longer getting on. There was no infidelity or betrayal on either part. We just grew apart. [emoji4]
  5. Can I just add, I'm not head over heels for this man. I don't want to delve into a relationship or dating headfirst. I have 3 children who are my world and men are the least of my worries. He is not somebody who would usually catch my eye but as I have gotten to know him, we have become very friendly. If it turns out he is not interested,i wont cry myself to sleep or anything [emoji23]. Was really wondering how to ask him out, or if there was a way of being sure he is flirting so that I dont make a fool of myself. [emoji85]
  6. My jets are far from fired up [emoji23][emoji23]
  7. I will definitely see him on the day of my test as I will be using his car so he will be coming with me. That sounds like a great idea. Thank you. [emoji4]
  8. No. He is single and my marriage broke down 12 months ago.
  9. I was thinking along these lines. I'm not overcome by it. He just seems that little bit overly friendly. I work in a similar environment where I work one on one with people and I totally understand that you must be polite, caring etc...in order to build your business. He just seems that bit extra friendly. It confuses me and I dont like being confused. [emoji23]
  10. I was thinking this, but I suppose I'm also wondering if you thing hes legitimately flirting or if it's all in my head.
  11. I think my driving instructor is attracted to me and I'm unsure about making a move. When we are together, we chat about everything and when he is talking about his life, he goes into massive detail about everything. We laugh a lot and playfully tease each other. He touches my elbow a lot when he is speaking to me and during one conversation he told me liked me (however, I cant determine weather this was in general or romantically) and touched my arm right after he said it. After lessons, when we are reflecting on possible improvements there is a LOT of eye contact. Anyway, there are some le
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