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  1. Honestly just petty stuff , one time we argued because we couldn't see each other one day or just simply not understanding what each other actually trying to say.
  2. For the past month and some change me and my girlfriend have been arguing constantly day after day mind you we're still very young. We've broke up a previous time to the same issue but was able to get back together to try and make it work. We were in love but argued over small things everyday like petty stuff, not being able to see each other, etc & would have trouble communicating and understanding each other during and after arguments. Recently she had been explaining to me the arguing was making her depressed & that it was affecting her mental health in many ways but when we weren't arguing we were perfectly fine. And recently our arguments have been getting to the if we should break up point and we kept saying we wouldn't and we want to be together. After my last argument with her it got that break up point again & I just got to the point where I said I believe that she would be happier with out me at the moment and I think she should work on her happiness and we broke up and haven't talked since. Should I just let it go and give it time or try to work to fix things again?
  3. Basically my mom and my dad have a issue. I live with my mom and her and my dad have been divorced for some time. They have two cars the one my dad has has many issues and has problems driving and the one my mom drives is in perfect condition ( P.S the car is in his name ) . Recently my dad has been asking for the car my mom drives because he has business opportunities on the weekends to make money going to my college funds and can’t use the car he has because it can’t go to far. A couple days ago he suggested he fix up his car and he give it to my mom then she gives him the car she’s been driving and that’s where the problems comes. He gave her money to buy herself a car of her own and she feels pressured because she just moved into a new place. She goes ballistic on me believing I need to get involved and hold him accountable mind you before that she told me to stay out of parent or grown business before I had the chance to say a word to my dad. Since then she hasn’t spoken to me and has sparked another argument w me what should I do?
  4. No I did I just did an update on my situation
  5. *Update* My mother had another argument with me and told me to leave now I stay with my father
  6. Basically since 2019 my mother and father has been divorced. My father moved out in April 2020 because they would argue constantly everyday at home for many reasons. My mom feels as if he walked out on my family as their was a pandemic that just started and she wanted to move out at the same time. My father apologized and acknowledged he was wrong for leaving at such a bad time and not sitting the family down before making that decision and making a plan. He lives still in the town in a small apartment. Whenever I even bring up his name her whole attitude will change after would yell at me for just saying his name. She wants me to let him know that what he did was wrong and not speak to him. In april/may me and him barely spoke because I thought it was wrong of him leaving and spoke to him minimal. He would apologize to me many times and to the whole family & I realized that not speaking to him would only make things worse and I wanted them to at least be able to communicate so they could co-parent. Still in september I get yelled at by her for even just trying to help the situation and in the house I live in it's very uncomfortable because nobody wants to speak to one another. I don't know how to treat the situation or what to do because im only 17 and can't move out or stay anywhere .
  7. I know , I just want to know what I should do now
  8. Basically , me and my ex girlfriend have been broken up now for about 4 months and a half. After our break up awhile after me and a new girl started talking and began to talk regularly and flirt. One day we hung out and she took a picture of us but blurred out face and posted it. My ex saw this and asked if it was me and I told her no when it was actually me. Fast forward now she found out it was and knows all of the conversations of me and the girl after texting her and blocked me on everything , returned everything I gave to her . I broke her trust bad and it was dumb of me to do that and I regret it all ... what should I do?
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