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  1. She is bi, and yes, she thinks we are just friends. Its so bad for me, i introduce friends to her and sometimes she gets attracted to some (because all my friends are so beautiful There is another detail, im in a non monogamic long distance relationship and she knows that. She is always criticizind this person im with. And when we met she noticed i was hitting on her and told my friend she thought i was amazing but wasnt looking for casual dating, just serious relationships. Was that an excuse to not say she wasnt attracted to me?
  2. I totally agree... when i think about it, one of the things i would like to have done differently is not accepting to be friends with someone im into. That was my mainly mistake. And its good to acknolegde its an unhealthy relation. This rejection and the power dinamics in the friendship makes me feel ugly, unattractive, silly... i do need to end the friendship. Im just worried because she is the only friend i see during this social distancing...
  3. Yes. She is 21, and im 26. But what if she is doing this unconsciously? I know her and i know she wouldnt do it on purpúreo...
  4. We’ve been friends for 2 years, very close friends... but o always had sexual interest... she knew that when we met, but as we got closer i decided to ignore it. But durona social distancing it is becoming very hard to ignore, and maybe im needy right now... anyway, i sometimes feel sexual tension between us, and have noticed she invades my personal space. Like once we were sitting next to each other and her leg was between mine. And strangers always think we are a couple. Some friends accused her of flirting with me in the past and she said she wasnt attracted to me. And when i said i felt at
  5. But she does things that sincerily i wouldnt with a platonic friend, specially one that felt attracted to me once. Like, for example, showing me a picture of her naked breast. She wanted to ask me if they were weird, so she sent me a picture. Im trying to racionalize, but i dont think this is appropiate for friends... i dont know... i believe she wants an ego boost in my expense, but maybe im wrong. But if i am not, what should i do?
  6. We hang out for two years now.. when we met i was hitting on her, but we ended up bonding. I confessed, and she laughed and said “awkward silence”. But im now thinking about it... she didnt said “no”... does this mean i have a shot?
  7. Unfortunally, yes. And that its some heavy stuff to handle. But you need to know you are not obligated to act as if it didnt happen. Probably when the abuse was happening, you were silenced. But you are an adult now and survived. Dont blame yourself for your feelings, they are valid and absolutely normal. Take good care of yourself. Are you in therapy?
  8. A little update for everyone... i apreciate you all took the time to counsel me and help me making a decision. So im here to inform im doing no contact to heal, and that means i cancelled the travel... thanks.
  9. Omg amazing idea, wow. People are not as simple as that. You should know, you are one person too. Sometimes we are in pain and obsessive thinking protect us from depression.
  10. But she always advises to learn to calm myself, nourish myself
  11. Many things, but i dont feel the need to share on the internet. :)
  12. Yes, got it. I like meeting new people, dancing, going to the beach, reading books, baths also haha. Well, ill do things that make me happy. I only have one concern. In 2017 my relationship of 5 years ended. In the first 3 months i was okay, cause i was focusing on studying. I was mad with my ex, but i was living. Then... when vacation came... i had a slip and got depressed for 2 months until i finally moved on... thats my only concern. To not feel the things i need to feel now and they end up growing inside of me. Oh, a little update. Last month i went out with my ex and we ended up hav
  13. But... i do have to move on... and learn to never again accept this kind of treatment. Because as time passes by, you get weaker. I do have one request. Can anyone give me insights about how to stop distracting myself wondering if she will come back and focus on moving on?
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