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  1. Hey happy campers, I'm currently in that point in time during high school where I'm just trying to figure my sh*t out. I've had those typical crushes on guys (I'm cis girl) since the beginning of time, but only recently I started having feelings for another girl who I know is bi. The problem is I've never kissed or had sex with anyone regardless of gender. So do you need to have sex/kiss a girl or guy to truly know your sexuality or does feelings count? Thanks.
  2. Do you think I should tell her before my visit or during? Thanks
  3. Basically, I'm in love with a friend (same gender as me) whom I've known for two years now. She lives in the US, I don't. We visit each other a few times a year and do something fun. When we first met, I wasn't starstruck or interested in her, but over time as I fiddled over my sexuality, I realized I was bisexual when I began to fall in love with her. She's had girlfriends in the past and I'm not sure if she's single. But I'm new at basically everything in the relationship world, and will be seeing her soon. She doesn't know how I feel about her and I don't know if I should tell her in case w
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