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  1. Sadly, the divorce was his suggestion in the heat of the argument, and he meant it. I’m no longer in our house and today I’m back with my parents. I’ve only heard off him once today, simply confirming an appointment with the estate agents next week. I feel so abandoned. I don’t know what to do. I think I’ll take up the therapist suggestion to get a load off my chest and hopefully find an amicable way through this. Thank you all for all your ideas, suggestions and being there to discuss this with.
  2. Update. We had an enormous argument over it. Full explosion. He’s now moving to live with his parents really far away to Aberdeen, we’ll end up divorcing and our house is going up for sale next month. I’m moving back in with my parents while our house sells until I can find a place of my own. I’m devastated, but neither of us are prepared to budge and we both think we’re right, and both think the other is being unreasonable. I can’t get over how fast this has happened. I’m blown away that it’s all just blown up. It’s over.
  3. And in addition to that, they have loads of money in the bank and if they downsized they’d have plenty for the rest of their lives including cost of proper care.
  4. Of course it’s about me. This is deeply affecting my life in a negative way. I’d have to move over 300 miles away from my own family, leave my career, end up with whatever job I can find, and spend the foreseeable future as a carer to his parents who have always been awkward and unpleasant to me. They are not nice people and I’m panicking at the idea of my entire life changing in order to please them.
  5. I’d have to abandon my career and find another job. I’d also be 300 miles away from my own family all of a sudden. 😭
  6. And he says we can’t afford a carer as they charge £1000 per week! I don’t want to become a full time carer for people I don’t like and was relieved to be away from. I can’t take it.
  7. Yeah maybe counselling. I just really don’t get on with them. They talk down to me, patronise me, ignore me and I couldn’t imagine having to deal with them every day. I can see them with a smile every month as we do currently and I can handle it, but the idea of being with them daily when they’re horrible to me just make me wants to break down. I can’t take it.
  8. Help! I’m panicking and want to run away. My husband (we’re both mid 30s) wants us to move with his parents. His parents are elderly, neithrt have the best health, and quite weak. He wants to live in their garden (some sort of annex) and essentially is living with them to help them each day. He says it’s the right thing to do. The problem is, we’ve been together for 15 years now and I’ve never really got along with or felt comfortable with his parents. It was a major relief when we finally could afford a place of our own 8 years ago, I am fiercely independent and need my space, and I have desi
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