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  1. 2000 mg per day is not enough sodium for most people, and for some people that limit can cause the exact symptoms that you say it can help prevent, and more. The science is there, but no one wants to believe that we've gotten it so wrong. You should look into the book The Salt Fix by Dr. DiNicolantonio. You are right that we need to eat whole foods and not processed foods. And it is best to get our sodium as much as possible in the form of organic sodium in the foods we eat, but limiting sodium in the diet is much more dangerous than having too much sodium. So many people are sodium
  2. Sodium deficiency (Hyponatremia) is not uncommon among adults. It is also common for people on some types of antidepressants. Extreme cases can lead to kidney failure, heart failure, brain swelling leading to seizures, etc. Less severe symptoms can be heart palpitations, mental confusion, trouble sleeping, fatigue, restlessness, and more. If you sweat a lot and are on a low sodium diet, you likely have depleted sodium (and electrolyte) levels. In fact, if you are on a low sodium diet at all, you might have low sodium levels which could be contributing to issues. Among other things, s
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