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  1. She didn't cheat in me she got involved with the married guy but we were not together then
  2. Hey guys. My ex who we broke up about two years ago cause she developed feelings for another guy recently contacted me wanting to see me. We had not spoken for almost 1 and half years but we got talking recently. She confessed to me she still loves me even though I found out she was involved with a married guy even though she assures me she ended the affair. Am crazy about this woman she is the one who I must say makes my heart skip a bit hairs on my body stand every time I hear her name let alone see her . But here is my predicament recently we got to talking and she confessed she was a few months pregnant n the dude responsible is not in the picture and he doesn't know abt the married guy. She wants me to be the father of her kid in every aspect. I honestly love this lady but a kid in the pic I feel is to soon but I also don't want to let her go
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