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  1. Can I get a little more reassurance other than “not pregnant” I deal with pretty bad anxiety
  2. I also don’t have a big belly at all or anything like that no weight gain I’m still 89 lbs but my bf swears to god nothing was on his hands. I took two urine on the 30 and 31st of January and it was negative all in all over 15 urine test all negative and two ql blood test also negative
  3. So the blood test were ql should I get a quantitave test done ?
  4. Okay so, I’ve been on the depo shot consistently for about two years now ( never ever missed a shot), on Jan 6 I took my depo shot and on the night of Jan 7 my bf fingered me, ( I never touched him that night at all) I’ve also never had sexual intercourse, oral, anal or any of that. I got a period on the due far of my next shot (April 6), I took the next shot on April 7. Because of my anxiety, I took like A LOT of pregnancy test they were all negative. I also got a blood test done on April 10th and May 31st which was also negative. My next depo shot is July 7th. Am i being irrational? I also s
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