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  1. I didn’t like the idea of having to speak through her sister at all lol. I’m relieved someone understood that btw, it served its purpose until I was able to FaceTime her. I admit I was cowardly by bailing when she needed me but I’m happy this was just a passing storm
  2. Thanks for your feedback, they gave her IV once that surgeon noticed she was acting a lil nutty I should say. Her sister already let me FaceTime her. It was like night and day lol. Her sister and her family said she seems to be acting her regular ole self an hour or so after the IV drip
  3. My girlfriend and I were together several months, but known each other for over a year. I can talk to her for hours, she’s the most thoughtful, levelheaded woman I’ve ever been with and I wanted to be with her. We’ve had small bumps in the road, like small arguments that seemed like big sh*t but we always were able to realize it wasn’t as bad as what we thought so it was worked out. She was in a major accident months back and was in the hospital for months. It only brought us closer. We started working on plans together, as a couple for our future. She ended up being rehospitalized last week and things got weird. She started acting stalkerish, came to my house being dramatic and accusing me of not being there for her. So I backed off. I was done. She would blow my phone up but i wouldn’t answer. I officially told her I’m done last weekend after she started acting weird demanding money that she gave me. I thought she was being petty so I was threw. Fast forward now, I just texted her about giving her money back, but instead her sister who usually would keep me updated of what was going on with her from my now ex-gf phone throughout the whole process, was now texting me. Here’s what the text said: This is her sister. Mook went into surgery this morning. Please don’t even fret about this money crap! The fact you’re even giving her this speaks volumes about you because she’s been going thee off on everybody, acting weird, obsessive, and emotional with these damn mood swings, ever since she came home that second time. We assumed it was her losing her ing lid. Coming up to my job, calling everybody at crazy hours, etc. She has not been playful or reasonable how everyone knows her to be. At one point she argued with her best friend, who she doesn’t argue with ever, so we knew something was off with her. We’re grateful for her surgeon, who started questioning medication she was prescribed just before they took her for surgery prep. They discovered the neurologist from her last hospital stay for those couple days, had overprescribed two different antidepressants and she’s been giving hell ever since. They’ve started her on IV’s to dilute whatever meds left and we noticed an obvious difference. Had you noticed any erratic or strange behavior from her, since she came home from the hospital for the second time? I thought my girlfriend was being crazy, harassing me and just insulting me just because. I knew something was off because she’s never acted like that, despite our prior arguments in the past, she was always level headed and would admit her fault in things. I wanna take back the breakup because I now see what’s going on, how do I do it?
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