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  1. I have been seeing a girl for over a month! She had just broken up with her bf of 5 years a day before we started hanging out but I over looked that and kept pursuing! We hung out like every other day and it got to the point to where it felt like we were in a relationship. One day she tells me her ex found out about me and it made her upset! Then a few days later everyone at our job found out too! This made her feel pressured and overwhelmed like we were actually official! At this point she backed off a lot and I thought she was gone. However, this week she reappeared! She opened up to me and
  2. Do you think if I stopped chasing I have a chance later on?
  3. I see her at work and she and I act like everything is cool! She does seem annoyed by me though!
  4. It sure feels like I’m not! Everything escalated so quickly!
  5. How many days am I supposed to wait for a reply?
  6. She cancelled plans we had yesterday because of personal reasons but never rescheduled. She then stopped replying to my texts last night but still looks at my stories?
  7. Seems that some of the thrill maybe gone since people have found out.
  8. She is also talking to other guys and has a tinder 🤣
  9. Well this coworker had been pestering me about and she already had a hunch because she saw my name pop up on her phone a lot. One day she was bugging me about it and I showed her a pic of us. Even worse I had coffee delivered to her office and they said my nane so the office found out. Her ex found out because my best friends wife works with the ex’s sister and told her we were seeing each other which got back to the ex.
  10. She started seeing me the day after she left him 😅
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