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  1. Making her aware that I checked out her Instagram was where it went downhill. This desperation and awkwardness was just me attempting to claw my way back up the mountain so to speak.
  2. Trust me I know it was and I won't be making that mistake again, once is enough for me. Never done this before in all my previous relationships and dating experiences but then again, this is probably the first time I've been ghosted, so it's my ego talking. Thanks for the responding guys.
  3. Though I'd let you guys know what I sent her the other night, here it is: "So I had a crazy slow night at work and had some time to go over the last bit of our conversation and think about where I screwed up. I just wanna say I'm sorry if I came across the wrong way when I mentioned "at least your grandma only had a mini stroke". It makes me sound like such an ***hole and I really didn't mean it that way. One reason I dislike texting sometimes and prefer talking on the phone, you can hear the person's inflection and personality and you can avoid misunderstandings. I've honestly felt guil
  4. All of the messages we were sending back and forth were longer. We messaged 3-4 times a day because we were fairly busy, but to make up for that our messages were fairly lengthy. I get that I screwed up how I worded my reply and came off as pretty insensitive, trust me. I'm letting her know I can reschedule because she asked me if we can reschedule and she apologized about not being able to go out on that day. I also mentioned the getting rest part because she messaged me at 3am to tell me that. I messaged when I woke up to say that I hoped she was able to get some rest after her busy and o
  5. Wanna thank everybody for posting their thoughts, the positive and the negative. I did send her one last message yesterday after work, had a slow day and was thinking about it quite a bit. She hasn't said anything yet and I don't expect to hear anything but I wanted to reach out anyway. Offered to meet her so we can actually talk in person but if she isn't interested, she isn't interested. Still can't shake the feeling that I screwed up a potentially great thing, c'est la vie, I guess.
  6. Maybe I'll just stick to Facebook for checking to see if people are who they say they are or maybe just drop that whole idea altogether because it's such a dubious prospect to want to be a little safer. I understand that I'm not big into social media myself and that causes the catch 22, I feel like I need to check on people but they can't check on me in the same manner. Not really sure what my alternative is other than not checking at all. Was almost mugged a few years back because I didn't do any kind of research before meeting a girl. Ended up being 2 guys and a random girl when I showed
  7. Just wanna clarify that we made plans to go out about a week after we started talking, not 3 weeks. Believe me, I prefer to go out sooner than later but not everyone is into that. If it drags like this one is, I'm cool with leaving it be but sometimes the other person is newer to online dating or just prefers to talk a little longer. If I like them and the conversation is good then I'm not gonna dismiss them right away.
  8. I agree in hindsight that it wasn't necessary to mention the extra lines about the stroke. Although she doesn't work in the stroke unit and I was only saying that at least it was only a mini stroke to help ease some stress because a mini stroke usually leads to a full recovery, unlike a full blown stroke.
  9. So I started talking to this woman on the dating app Hinge, I've had success with this app in the past and I recommend it. Anyway, we talked for about a week on the app and then I asked if she was cool exchanging numbers so we could talk through text or phonecall. She was cool with that and said she was about to ask me the same question. She doesn't use data while at work so using the app to talk wasn't great. So we start talking, about 3 weeks ago, and everything's going great, she's laughing at all my jokes, sending good morning texts, we have a good amount in common etc. all the good si
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