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  1. i really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to “guide” me so to speak. i try to make every mistake a lesson and apply everything i learn to life. i didn’t take anything you said lightly or this situation lightly. thank you. just thank you. bless ❤️
  2. EVERYONE!!! i have GREAT news. my period just started! it was my body just getting used to the pill. thank you so much for helping me, giving advice, and everything. ❤️
  3. thank you so much! i’ve definitely learned to be more responsible and thoughtful.
  4. this is probably one of the biggest reliefs i’ve read so far. thank you! obviously i’m going to be safer in the future, i can’t take this stress!
  5. You’re very right but right now i am at a point in life where i’ve attempted suicide many times, been to the psychiatric hospital, i’m dealing with CPS right now, and so much more that really just ain’t helping. I don’t want to sound pathetic but life sounds so trivial. I know this is MY mistake and I have to own up to it, right? but anyway i’m usually more responsible and more thoughtful. i don’t exactly have the freedom to reach out for help. this was my easiest option because i have many mental disorders and i wanted to settle my mind at ease before i made rash decisions. but yes you’re rig
  6. i know. i know this SO much. i’m currently dealing with CPS and being put into new a home. because of my past experience with adults/parents i’m just very VERY scared of disappointing them.
  7. you’re right. i will definitely take this and apply it to my future decisions.
  8. thank you! this actually helps with my worries. i will still take the test to be sure!
  9. There is a possibility. but due to my living arrangements everything is very complicated.
  10. I am 15, very young i know, I started a combination pill on 17th of April, 2019. BUT i had unprotected sex on the 20th of april, before the pills were in full effect against pregnancy. He did NOT finish in me but precum exists and i was ovulating. Today i am ONE day late on my placebo/period and as you can imagine i am very worried. i have BPD. i believe that may have been a factor to my bad decision. I don’t know if i’m pregnant or if my body just isn’t used to the pills yet. i don’t think abortion is an option, but i don’t really know because i haven’t talked with my trusted adult. i have st
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