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  1. I really did a bad job explaining things it seems. After talking he's fine with my talking to this guy I've known for 6 months, the only reason he was upset about it in the first place is (as he says it) was situational because we're in a bad spot. We've got a really relaxed relationships usually which is why I was upset as his hypocrisy as he's had a few work crushes as well, while I've only had 2. A relationship is defined as whatever both parties decide on, and ours is very open minded. As for the smoking aspect, anyone who thinks it's okay to spend money we don't have on a bad habit i
  2. If you two aren't mutually exclusive she has absolutely no right to be upset that you're on a dating site. So I wouldn't say you messed up there. As for continue, I would shoot her a message and gauge how she reacts. If she's still being petty and refusing to talk to you/being mean to you, then it sounds like you've dodged a bullet with this one.
  3. And I can't edit the post for some reason, but I'm more here in hopes of getting some advice on how to fix things.
  4. @Abitbroken I didn't snoop on anything though. My aunt (who works with him) told me what was going on because she knew we were financially unstable, I just assumed he wasn't smoking for the fact that we both agreed to stop (neither of us ready) so we would have money for basic life needs. As for emotionally cheating, not at all. He knows I like the guy and he's okay with it. We've both had crushes outside of our relationship and we both share the belief that JUST because you're in a relationship with someone that doesn't mean crushes can't pop up every now and again. No real problem there,
  5. I think a large portion of why I miss working so much is because thats how I made most of my friends and got my social interactions. Hopefully when she starts school next year I can find a part time job. I love being a SAHM in the sense that I get to see her grow and I'm playing a big part in her life(something I didn't have as a child), it's just a lot different than what I planned for myself, you know? I really do appreciate the advice, though. Thank you!
  6. Why would you need to apologize for going out and dancing? If I'm being honest, it doesn't sound like he values your relationship as much as you do and you need to decide on if you're willing to deal with that for the CHANCE he might realize what he has, or to go out and find someone who not only knows, but appreciates your efforts.
  7. I think both of you are in the wrong to be honest. You said at the start you were okay with him looking at porn, then you weren't. He probably went a long with it because he didn't feel comfortable telling you no, which is not okay, but I get it. You said you cried to him over it and that just reinforces that his habbit makes you upset and that he needs to hide it. As a woman, I feel porn is a very normal thing. I bust my boyfriends balls over his porn whenever he accidentally leaves it open (Like asking him "so did you enjoy those creampies last night?" Or something to that degree.) But that
  8. Honestly, the only thing I can think of is to be brutally, painfully honest. Tell her she's sick, she ruins lives and that you don't want her anywhere near you again. Dig up all the messages you can, all the fake accounts and phone calls that can prove she's harassing you and take screenshots in case she tries to manipulate the situation to make you out to be the bad guy. You don't deserve the kind of treatment she gave you, no one does. She has problems and instead of fixing herself she's relying on others to make her FEEL fixed instead of admitting fault. Whatever she does, rather that be th
  9. I don't honestly know where to begin, there's so much on my mind. My boyfriend and I have been together, on and off for 8 years, together for 5 years straight now, and we have a 4 year old daughter together. I'm a stay at home mother, something I never in a million years wanted, but due to no help from family/friends and daycare being too expensive, this is where I'm at. For 4 years now. I've lost all my friends, and if you ask me what my interests are, I honestly draw a blank. I don't know who I am anymore, only who I used to be. My boyfriend works at a warehouse, he has an extremely dema
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