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  1. Iv also made it clear I don't want to get bk with him
  2. He has his own business . Which I didn't no about . He has been consistent so far sees them on a Friday for 2 hours and 2 phone calls a week wich he has stuck to so far the kids had a lot of questions and have started to ask him and he has made the effort to answers the best he could with out hurting them . . I want something put in place were do i start ?
  3. No body knew . I was living in a scecrate bubble for years . And I think this has gone way to fast . To fast for even my head to get round it let alone the kids . But what do I do? How can I take him away from. Them now . He is all they talk about . I don't want them to get hurt .!
  4. He has been paying for the last year or so not alot though 6 pound a week through csa . I have deffently changed I'm much stronger my confidence is up and I have come so far in my career . I was 16 wen I got with him he was 29 there's a big age gap and he deffently got in my head promised me the world my worried is that I'm gunna crumble and fall for it all over again I only want to do wats best for our kids and they want him to be apart of there life's. I'm happy on my own I have been . He seen them twice and wants to see them every Friday it's started with phone calls I got advice from the skl family support working . And they said to start with that he's has offered me more money and to carry on with csa .
  5. So where do I start. I was with my ex for 7 years we had 3 kids . Our relationship was never really perfect and was on and off . Things were crap and to top it off I was pregnant with our 3rd child and in hospital with our 2nd because he had been hit by a car. I spent 6 weeks living at the hospital he turnt up mabey 10 times .we had a row one night and that was it never saw him again . Untill now . One morning I went to my friends house and there he she had hired him to do her garden not knowing it was him. (What is the chance in that ) . Any way I got his number and had a go I had so much hate and anger .Y did he leave like that ? How could he do that to our kids ?( he had never meet our youngest). He asked to have contact with the kids . Wich I agreed on but now he's telling me how he regrets wat he done he can't get me out his head . I'm so confused . My head says no but my heart melts wen I see him he's aslo a liar and a cheat and I have no trust for him . But how do I no he will stick around
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