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  1. This is an actual issue and isn’t one that I made up. The hypothetical situation affected me because he’s going to be in the airforce full time within a year from now, and he’s asked me whether I support that decision. It’s definitely not an easy decision choosing your life being a military wife, but I support him. When I support his decision regarding his life choice, it means that I am supporting him through a career of him being away from home and kids for months or years at a time, it means that he could be in very dangerous situations and could end up coming home to me dead. This is why
  2. We've been together for 4 years and my health and weight during that time has never been an issue until about a year ago. I started my gym membership and went a lot and results came back great, except I actually hate the gym. I have tried to keep up with the gym routine of 3-5 times weekly, but each time I could only stand to do that for 2 months and and I absolutely hate the gym. I can't force myself anymore. Alternatively I now go for long walks or some runs and I eat reasonably healthy with my veggies, fruits and meat, usually none of that fatty burgers or chips or junks. I eat pretty much
  3. So I recently came out of hospital from a minor operation, and it got me asking a big question; what if I came out of the hospital having to adjust to the new life of not being able to control my body from waist down? I have been with my boyfriend since high school and we've grown up a lot together. We have become very serious and at times talked about marriage and kids and our future together wherever it may be. When I asked him "what if I got into a freak accident and lost my legs or became paralysed babe, what would you do?" after not much thought, he answered "I don't think you can ex
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