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  1. Thank-you so much for the amazing advice, I feel so much better talk through it all. I know what I need to do, I want to spend the rest of my life with my extraordinary fiancé, he makes me truest happy. I need to allow myself to have these thoughts, process them and then let them fade away, thanks again
  2. When I’m around the other man I feel giddy because he is the kind of man that I never though would even give me a second look (I’m the nerd whereas he’s the jock sort of thing) and so I think it’s more i appreciate him giving me the attention he did. A few years ago because the intimate night the other man and I were actually very good friends, he would call me all the time about work assignments and just to check if I were alright (I was diagnosed with the serve health condition then), it was the run up to the night that built up the connection, but as mentioned in a previous post, he never
  3. I understand, I would feel like the world would crumble around me, everything would fall apart, I’d want to understand why they are feeling that way, if there was something I could do it resolve things
  4. I didn’t extend the invitation to reconnect, we were placed on the same assignment where we had to work closely
  5. Thank-you for you’re honesty. I haven’t spoken about this with anyone else so hearing someone say something is a eye opener. I do not want to lose what I have tried so hard to gain with my fiancé.
  6. I am currently in a loving relationship of 2 years and we are now engaged. I love this man a lot and leaving him is a last resort. However, I have recently got back in contact with another man I once had a great connection and shared a very intimate night with. I’m constantly thinking of this other man, when I’m around him I become giddy and get very upset when I realise I can never experience being with him ever again. I want to get married and have a great life with my fiancé but I’m worried I’ll regret not telling the other man how I feel and potentially sharing another amazing night with h
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