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  1. You are right but I know I would find it difficult to start dating already. I think that is what makes it difficult, a part of me still believes that he really did love me and he is just simply lost. A thought I keep telling myself as well to help me move forward is that at least he is off my hands and I am now not forced to be with anyone who is a liar and a cheat. Now, I just need to get through the next weeks. And maybe try not to focus on what might be happening during their trip. If he also tries to talk to me again after (which he always used to do), I need to be strong enough to
  2. Yes he is still married. He kept twlling me that he just told everyone including the wife that he would make it work just to please their family. He did not expect that she would neither say no nor yes. He kept telling me he can no longer go back on his lies so he just needs to ensure a smooth transition.
  3. I know, I should have :( he was my colleague so I couldn't technically go cold turkey but I tried my best to avoid. But he would always try something to get me back. I stupidly believed in him too much that he was deep inside a good person so I couldn't help but care. But that is enough. I know I have to block him out my life from now on.
  4. Thank you so much, I will. It is unfortunate that we work together but I will take the next 2 weeks to collect myself until he gets back to work. If he tries something again at the office, I will ignore or make him understand he owes me that he leaves the company.
  5. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I know I have to go through the pain all over again and just embrace it. I am trying to fill up my schedule the next weeks and surround myself with family and friends. I booked a therapy session too. A part of me hates the fact that he is getting away with it. But you are right, I have to respect and love myself and just let them be.
  6. I realized somehow the first half of my message was overwritten by the next half. In any case, thank you for your responses. You are right and that is indeed what I have to do.
  7. when I found out that they are going home for Christmas to see their families together. He, again, kept it from me but I figured enough. I felt betrayed and lied to all over again. I was angry at him for not being able to tell me the truth about them. He would still insist that they are not getting back together. We did not speak for the 3 and a half weeks they were there and it was the lowest point of my life. That was when I felt the real feeling of loss as if he had died. I felt empty and cried almost every night. I tried so hard not to text him during that time but he did during Christmas.
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