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  1. What could be the cause? How should I know? It could be many things. Discuss this with her. What do I do? Discuss with her How do I handle this? Discuss with her Does it mean she's seeing someone else? How should I know? Is she tired of me? How should I know? Discuss with her Does she want out? How should I know? Discuss with her
  2. Do the same. Search for another woman that matches you better, that she meets your needs and wants. Even if you get your ex back, your relationship will have the same problems and result in break up for the same reason. That’s the best thing someone can do in his life. Don’t ever stop. Continue to grow.
  3. He is irritable, impatient, selfish, ex-alcoholic and impulsive. Ask yourself: Why are you still with him? He has aggressive behavior, maybe a result of restraint syndrome. He snaps all the time and sometime for no sound reason. Don’t you feel that he is unreliable? Don’t you feel insecure in this relationship? I think that you are right and that you continue to be with a completely unstable person. If I were you I’d get out of this relationship quickly. There’s no need to keep toxic people in our lives.
  4. I would have felt betrayed and cut every tie with him. I clearly do not deserve that kind of person, and so do you
  5. The drinking and his behavior are his relief valve. There’s clearly an issue there. You want this to work out, but he doesn’t. Had he wanted to, he would have accepted your offer for the session. There is an issue he doesn’t want to recognize and solve. Or so I think.
  6. It's perfectly normal. There's nothing wrong with you. There's nothing what you have to do.
  7. Classic “I don’t deserve you and you are too good for me” situation. The only thing that you wrote is what she thinks and what she wants. I think that you need to consider what you want from a woman with whom you are in a relationship (your needs, your wants). Consider what are your criteria, which are the qualities you want a woman to have in order for you to want her as your partner. Then consider if this woman meets your needs, wants and criteria and act accordingly. Ah and - don't be friendzoned. You are close to it.
  8. I always advice people not to return to their ex. If anyone return to his/hers ex he/she isn’t going to find a different relationship. The old problems are going to be there. The problems for which they broke up are going to be there and every promise of change (from either side) is a lie. The only reason that people flirt with the idea of returning to their ex is that it the easy way. It’s easier to return to a relationship that you already know how it’s going to be. It’s easier to be with someone you already know than to get to know another and start anew. You write that everything feels right with her and that you are comfortable with her. Let me ask you these: Did everything felt right with her before you get to know her? Were you comfortable with her before you get to know her? Have you ever tried to know and come close with another woman? If you will I think that everything will feel right with her, too. The truth is this. You broke up for a reason, this reason isn’t going to vanish. Go out and flirt. Get to know other, new, exciting women. And when you get to match with one, start a relationship with her. You are going to feel right and comfortable with her too; and with every next. Don’t you know why? I did it many times. So can you. And every time the breaking up was difficult and the new relationship exiting. And lastly. Why do you give me the impression that she decides when you break up and when you are together?
  9. My opinion is that you are not wrong for snooping ‘cause you didn’t do it systematically. It’s still “bad” and you are going to be accused of if anyone finds out, but you show the opportunity and took it and found so much about the person that you thought you knew very well. I think that you have to share your worries about your relationship with him, but don’t tell him about snooping and steroids and cocaine and all this stuff. Act like you don’t know a thing. Tell him about the things that bothered you before finding about the steroids, cocaine, porn etc. Tell him, for example, that he cares more for his friends and spends more time, more quality time even, with them than you. I don’t find you unreasonable for wanting a divorce. If I were you, I would tell my therapist everything about the situation and also I’d find someone (a family member for instance) to help me get out of this marriage.
  10. See this as a lesson. Don’t get involved in a relationship with a coworker again. Find another job and then quit your current one. If I were you I wouldn't stay, the environment would be unhealthy for me.
  11. Tell her exactly how you feel about the whole situation. Tell her that you don’t mind her to have male friends, but this guy is clearly flirting her. Ask her what she thinks about this and why she keeps talking to him and gives him ground.
  12. The solution is there, that’s why he doesn’t buy his own car. He gets to use yours, so problem solved for now. Figure out a way to forbid him to use your car, and he will realize that he doesn’t have I ride any more. Maybe this way he will be forced to buy one.
  13. I like this statement very much. I believe it to be true and I want to achieve the same at my work. I find you reasonable and I don’t believe that you need any advice.
  14. Stop over analyzing. Go with it. Let things happen by themselves.
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