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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I know what I have to do. It's just the doing it part that's super hard. Yes I do have serious self doubt issues which have just been compounded by this relationship.
  2. To me it feels like she has that family circle..... 2 kids and husband at home whilst I'm the bit on the side to boost her ego etc. I know what I have to do but I just can't seem to do it! I broke up with her once as I said above and it broke me :( I haven't eaten properly in 3 weeks.... Struggling like hell with work.... Today I had to pull over and sob and eventually turn round and go home. I don't wanna loose her but this isn't really living :(
  3. Well I think I know the answer to this before I even start but here goes. I started an affair with a woman about a year ago; I was single she had a husband. (I don't need a lecture on morality I know it was wrong) My intention was to keep it that way just an affair and a bit of fun but it quickly became something a lot more. We both fell in love with each other. And had a fairly good relationship for a 12 months. Back in October 2018 she apparently told him it was over and he would have to find somewhere to live. So I patiently waited for him to move out so we could make things more official. Roll on to march 2019 and he's still there. She's still making noises about him not finding a place etc small things continued to bug me like why her MIL was still giving her photos praise on Facebook or why her apparent exs MIL was still praising her apparent ex SIL. And how she apparently bumped into him at the pub one day and had dinner. Things just didn't gel and my gut told me something wasn't right.... My head told me to shut up and carry on. One night at the beginning of of March 2019 she texts and asks me 'when did you last cum inside me?' seemed a weird question so I said 'before you had the miscarriage' (another story). Due to all the crap surrounding her and her husband I said 'you haven't slept with him have you?' from this point on things we're pretty much ruined. Over 2 weeks she ignored my messages and I never got any replies. I'm not one to chase or hound. I made the decision to ask for my keys back and packed her stuff up to collect which she did. Fast forward to today and after 2 weeks of hell trying not to contact her I gave in. She came round we cried we had sex. She said she wanted to start things slow and I agreed. I spilled my guts and told her how much I loved her etc After she left I felt like a complete and utter mug and although we were back together felt and still do feel like a broken man. Texting her tonight was fragmented and short and just not right. Probably my paranoia but it just felt like she wasn't into it. I guess my question is what the hell do I do? Carry on pretending it's OK she's still living with her husband? Tell her it's over until she sort her life out? The problem for me is I'm one of life's worriers. I worry ill be alone forever if I break it off. I'm not an attractive guy so I could be right. Anyway any advice would be great.
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