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  1. I am bad at communicating to others only when i am not close to them. I dont wanna say something weird or to make the person think that i am weird and suddenly talking to him or her how do u start a conversation please ty
  2. This person is judgemental and a bully. She has a really bad attitude.She’s bossy. And sometimes she makes fun of me. Well she makes fun almost all my classmates. Another person is like her but a boy. He has bad grades but not bossy. He has no respect for elders. I hate him because he makes fun of people and of course you get embarrassed. I need advices on how to deal with them. I dont like them... so i need advices ty
  3. I seem to be cold towards him lol but it is definitely my mistake since idk how to act and for some reason i stutter and jumble words when i talk to my classmates that aren’t close to me. But i am talkative with my bffs. Yes i am a girl, and this person is my seatmate… sometimes he talks to me but i ignored him ACCIDENTALLY cuz idk he was talking to me! So i just ignored it… ugh please i need advices. Tysm!!
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