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  1. Yeah, I've assumed they wouldn't take the breakup seriously (although it was more like a divorce) however it coincided with dealing with my homeless mother. However I understand your point and agree.
  2. I was recently struggling to support my homeless mother. So she lived with me and my partner for 1.5 years. This was an agreement my partner and I had. It ended up being a huge burden. My girlfriend of 8 years out of the blue decided to leave me just when I finally found a home for my mother. Yes, my girlfriend left me because it was too stressful to be around and she is aware my mother moved out hundreds of miles away. So this happened right before I started work for the semester. I am an adjunct professor. Within weeks I was in my empty home. My point is that it was emotionally stressful and it impacted my ability to concentrate at work. As an adjunct I am responsible for filling out forms, grading, lecturing, etc. I just dropped the ball. The fact that I got out of bed to go to work was the most I could do at times. So ultimately this semester was a mess. It was disorganized. I have probably annoyed my higher-ups. I want to communicate to them the family matters I recently went through in order to explain my poor performance. Is there an appropriate way to do this?
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