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  1. I had discussed relationship expectations with SO right when we started dating, and we both agreed that we wanted a long-term serious relationship. We both agreed on expectations for each other and how we felt about each other. The way we communicate and interact with each other in person is a lot different than over text message. When together, we are extremley compatible and do great together, when communicating elsewhere, not so much.
  2. Wismeman, I suppose you're right. I have never thought of it that way. Maybe the best course of action would be to trust SO that they are happy in the relationship, and possibly bring up the lack of communication next time I see them, I just get so nervous and my feelings get so hurt I dont know what to do.
  3. I don't want out the the relationship, I enjoy being with SO. When I am with them they are very sweet, good listener etc. I just want SO to be happy, and it's hard to know if they are happy or not based on their actions when we arent together in person.
  4. Ill try and make this post short for those reading. The relationship I'm currently in is my third, and we haven't been in it for too long, but not too short either. I will say SO has a personality I am not too familiar with, I've never been around or been close to someone with a personality like theirs. To put it easily SO is, quiet and "content." I've never seen them extremley happy sad or anything really. They are always content. Because of this personality it often comes off as not caring or just plain annoyed. Often times I have to ask SO "are you feeling happy/ okay?" or "is anythin
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