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  1. Hi. Hes already tried that . It just doesnt work. Maybe cos its mixed with his other medication.
  2. Hi all. My boyfriend is 55 and im 48. He is diabetic and overweight. We have a pretty good relationship most of the time but sex is always a problem. He keeps saying oh im not a well man so you shouldn't pressure me. We only have oral sex cos hes impotent so he says things like we can have sex on sat night . Usually sat comes round and hes got some ache or hes tired. I started using a dildo he bought for me but when he found out i used it without him he went ballistic and said its as good as cheating. I long for a proper sexual relationship with him but im getting frustrated. I've started not asking for sex at all and sort myself out. Is there any advice please how to get him interested.
  3. Im sorry you lost him. I feel the same. I believe he was sent to me for a reason. We only met 2 days before my diagnosis and i did need him . We love each other and i cant imagine him not being there.
  4. Thank you for replying. I guess im a bit sensitive. I hope you stay well and cancer free. I think talking about my issues has helped a lot. Your right that not many people stick around after such news as cancer so ive decided to not dwell on things anymore. We have each other and thats worth a lot.
  5. Silverbirch I never said i wasnt good to him. Apart from him smoking we get on really well. He doesnt run around after me . Im 48 and independent i work hard on my good days and have very little time off work during my treatment weeks. He is 55 and has lots of issues after women cheating. I have been just as supportive over his depression and counselling. Your making it sound like im only in it for what i can get. I can assure you this isnt the case. I struggle around smoking but have never hidden the fact. Im trying to cope with it because i love him .
  6. Thank you for all your help. Ive got some thinking to do. As for e cigs he tried for the 2 weeks he wasnt smoking and just gave up. He was even going to quit counselling session.
  7. Hi im new to the group and would like some advice. I started dating my partner nearly a year ago. I said from the start i hated smoking and he said he was a former smoker but hadnt for several years. We started dating Just before i found out id got bladder cancer. He was amazing taking me to hospital appointments etc. But after id got out of hospital he started smoking again. He promised to quit after we had a holiday in the sun so i agreed. He managed 2 weeks and started again behind my back. I caught him out and hes smoked every day since. Im really struggling with my emotions and cry a lot out of frustration. It makes me moody evdn though he goes outside to smoke. I feel cigarettes are more important than i am. I don't want to go thru all my years of cancer treatment for him to die of lung related diseases. He says im over reacting and its not a big deal but its huge to me. He ssys if he stopped smoking he would get bad chest infections and colds and smoking keeps him healthy. Hd is also a diabetic and currently unemployed. So while im at work i imagine he is smoking lots. Advice on how to cope would be much appreciated.
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