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  1. I never slept with him in the first place. I'm still a virgin and plan on staying that way. He just called to ask how I've been doing & how my summer's been going. The entire phone conversation was filled with nothing but sarcasm, playful teasing, and questions. Nothing sexual involved.
  2. On this thread, I previously asked if deleting the guys number would help with cutting him off completely, even though I wasn't sure about it. So, I deleted it. But the thing is that now, he texted me yesterday asking how I was doing. It was kind of him to ask so I responded back. Call me stupid but with all the mess that happened between us, I'm still not going to hold a strong grudge. In fact, if we ever continue to talk again once school begins, I will only be cordial and friendly with him. That's how things were when we first met and not only that, he said he doesn't want to break contact with me in person. I hope I'm not being naive about this because after 2 months of not speaking to him, I managed to get over with the past between us. Most of it stemmed from meeting new people this summer, while doing a lot of activities with them.
  3. What? And I haven't reached any conclusion other than the one I've already had. Guys can stare at blank girls too. Heck, they'll stare at anything.
  4. Update: I can honestly say that I feel much better from what happened with the previous guy. I've been feeling more confident and comfortable with myself this summer from spending close time with my friends and extended family, bike riding at the beach, yoga, and dancing. The only final thing I haven't completely done was to delete his number. I'm still not sure because although there was a lot crap between us in the past, I'm not the kind of person to hold a strong grudge over someone. Or maybe I'm being naive. Can someone please help lol
  5. Walking around in a busy city with my earphones isn't a big deal though lol. Their stares are more obvious when I'm talking or handing out with friends.
  6. Multiple people have said that I walk super fast, and have asked if I run track because of it, lol. It could be that, but the looks are only from guys. Have also been told that I look shy, and that's about it.
  7. Are you a guy or girl typing this because I honestly don't know how to respond to this message. It's very kind and thoughtful, though. About women and men finding different physical traits attractive, you're right on that. I know I'll get groaned for this again but the guys within my experience had very questionable tastes. I legit look like baby-faced 5'6 stick with legs. My friends hate when I talk about my looks but its not that serious to the point where I want cosmetic surgery. I just don't look mature.
  8. I'm already past it now. I haven't talked to that guy in a month and I feel relieved. I'm honestly going to give up on even talking to guys now because I just want a break. My aunts and older female cousins have been telling me to not worry about them since age 17 and now I see why. I can accept that I'm not physically attractive and no guy telling me I am will change that feeling.
  9. The preoccupation that I have with my looks is only because of the constant stares and looks I get from guys. Girls and women never look at me the way they do. And yes, I will admit that sometimes, I get flattered by way the guy would compliment me but not anymore.
  10. Yes- to answer your first question. I won't ever settle for a fwb, but it seems like thats what I attract(well previously). To answer your second question- I don't think I look weird enough for them to stare for a long time. There's been a few instances where I wanted to go up to them and ask because they make the staring so obvious. Do guys typically stare at ugly girls?
  11. I'm sorry, but what question. Please, refresh my memory. But to answer on smiling to them, I never smile because I don't know the exact reason as to why they'd stare at me. I don't know what they're thinking. Also, I dont think Im ever doing something socially unacceptable in public for them to look for a long time. I'm usually walking, with my earphones minding my own business.
  12. I only asked because the constant staring makes me feel self-conscious and ugly. Not a single one of them ever said hi or approached me. The staring occurred for over 5 months during my spring semester. I know I'm not hot or sexy but definitely not repulsive. My friend thinks that they're hesitant to approach me because I always look sad and bothered but inside, I'm just thinking about a lot of stuff as I'm walking or listening to music with my earphones.
  13. It's okay. I'm just going to try to forget about him completely. I saw him during 4th of July and I wanted to spit, literally. And one other thing, should I do something if some guys continuously stare at me for a long time? This happens a lot when I'm out alone or with friends, and I just wanna go up to them and ask "why are you looking at me like I'm some kind of freak show? Lol
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