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  1. I’m Ecuadorian too. I love this girl I saw her 3 months ago and I’m going to see her in two weeks. In the states for school. Yes her parents taught a lot also mine that’s why I hate conflict.
  2. Hello So my girlfriend sent me a picture of this sunscreen she wants to buy but it’s to expense so I ask my sister in law to got to her room and see if she can find the exact bottle so I can buy it for her (I live in the USA and she lives I Ecuador). She finds out and ask me why I sent her sister to her room. I didn’t say anything because I did not want to argue then she told me why don’t you fight back I hate when you avoid conflict and let me win. I do not like to fight. I personally thought this problem was not worth the fight and all the crap that comes with it. Did I lose her respect. Should I fight back. I was thinking about this and doing research the next day. Thanks
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