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  1. Thank you so much for this, particularly your advice about how to deal with her jibes! I'll definitely keep that in mind! =D
  2. Thank you all so much for your advice. I'm definitely doing my best to stay above it all and not rise to her provocation! I know that if I do, it will most likely make her continue her behaviour and probably make it worse. I suppose my real issue was with dealing with my own discomfort when she does this. I unfortunately find myself uncomfortable and awkward when she tries to flirt and considering her past behaviour I know that her end game isn't being with my boyfriend, but is with asserting herself as a more desirable person than I am considering she's done this sort of thing in the past. You're all right though, I need to just put my trust in my boyfriend and know that even if she does try and make a move, he won't reciprocate. I should say as well (I noticed it in the comments but I'm so sorry I don't have the username on hand!) that my boyfriend had never dated anyone in the workplace aside from me. He always distanced himself from those relationships because of the awkwardness it could cause, and I need to remember that's even more of an affirmation because he liked me enough to to set those worries aside. Again, I just want to thank everyone who replied and made me feel better about the situation and helped me with working through the anxiety of it. =)
  3. Hi everyone. I’m having an issue were my boyfriends close friend/coworker is flirting with him, and the situation is both difficult and uncomfortable. I’m not really sure how to handle it. My partner and I have known one another for about two years via work and have been dating for roughly half a year. Everything has been going very well, and he’s helped me through some very tough times (major surgery and the recovery which I’m still going through, plus coming to terms with complications from it). I knew from the start of my relations his friend didn’t like me, and I honestly can’t say why. The majority of our friends are supportive and even tried to help us get together as we’re both quite awkward that way. However in the past few weeks she’s started flirting with my boyfriend and it sets me ill at ease. He’d invited me out a few weeks ago with his best friend after work for a few drinks. We all work together, but I’m an entirely separate department. However what had initially been planed as one drink, then home between the three of us, became a group of six people. That was fine with me and as the bar is very close to my home I walked. When I arrived though, I realised that my partners friend was not pleased to see me. She began by asking him to buy her a house, loudly and repeatedly. It’s know that my boyfriend owns rental property, but she asked him to do this several times and it felt strange and excessive to me. Then she started asking him, specifically, to make plans and go out with him. This obviously left me feeling very wary. Following this she started having slight, but small digs at me. Saying things like ‘Well I suppose he knew what money was until he met you, right?’ I never ask him to pay my way, and this was hurtful. I did mention this to my boyfriend, but I was also very worried I was being paranoid. However he admitted that he spoke to his best friend who had left early that night for advice (which I obviously want, he shouldn’t have to deal with issues without support). His best friend, without prompting, admitted he knew I was annoyed, and even said it was because this close friend had been flirting a lot. I should also say this woman has been known to try and have relations with men who are in relationships within the workplace in the past, which my boyfriend also admitted. I guess I’m just looking for some advice on how to deal with this? I trust my boyfriend implicitly but I also feel worried about what this woman might do. Thank you all so much for any help you can give me.
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