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  1. Yeah, keep up the good work! And that perfect rate of speed with this new fella. I think you secured (so far,) exactly what I long for, depeche101. Anyway, monogamy's background, here in the U$A, is that it used to make sense, back when men had jobs, and women were "homemakers." It was up to the man -- the breadwinner -- to choose his bride, and ask her to marry him. She would often say yes, because that meant she would be financially supported...and not an embarrassment to her parents. Things have changed. Women earn money, and sometimes more money than men, even. These days, marriag
  2. I tell ya what: If he's texting you, it means you're on his mind when you're not around. If it's all positive texting (and not arguing), well, that's a good sign. It sounds like he's nervous around you in person. I get the impression he's not sure where he stands with you, in the same way you're not sure where you stand with him. But hey, you've only been on two dates. Personally, I'd just wait it out. Enjoy the "confusion" stage as long as it lasts. You'll probably know if he's infatuated with you in
  3. Also, it's probably safer to start with baby steps. Make your first trip abroad a little one. You'll probably learn a lot. And you'll be better equipped for your next trip, since you learned from your first trip.
  4. It's always hard to see the same person on a regular basis, love them, show affection, share good times (and yes, of course, bad times), and then suddenly quit seeing that person. There's a void, where the person once filled in your life -- whether that be with love, or with quarrels and stress. You have a decision to make: Will you continue your relationship with your girlfriend, if that means continuing the quarrels FOREVER? (She may never stop the quarrels. If she does, it could take 10 years.) OR, Will you break up, and move on with your life, when that means there will be a void, and
  5. I guess, yeah, the best thing I could do for him in this instance, is to answer his question via text, and let him know where to find the particular resource he's looking for...at my own expense, encouraging him to continue this pattern of ignoring and avoiding me until he wants something, then pretending to be my friend so he can manipulate me. But I'm looking for the best overall solution, to end the cycle. Some kind of communication, I think? I'm not fond of the toll the recurring stress takes on my body: bowel movements, lack of appetite, lack of sleep, occasional nausea. If I wasn't
  6. Oh, my roommate is ill, and until he started this new drug, he didn't have any sex drive. I'm on the asexual spectrum, and have zero problem practicing abstinence. So the agreement wasn't sketchy for either of us. And i guess we made the rules back when both of us had some respect for each other. No, he's not sober, nor working. His breaches of trust are essentially mostly just saying he'll do something, and not doing it. Which means I plan accordingly (for instance disappointing another friend because I can't be there for them because I've made plans with my roommate -- only to find out
  7. First of all, resources. couchsurfing.com - Hosts offer free temporary housing. Most hosts are good, warm, welcoming people who just want to chat and learn about your travels, but occasionally you'll find a creepy host, and you're faced with a decision of whether or not you want to flee the only housing you have available. Be careful. workaway.info - How to earn money while traveling outside of your homeland. I trust you know about craigslist.org, for virtually all your travel needs. And other than that, I, myself, am planning a trip to Iceland and Spain to begin in May! Iceland has
  8. Hi all. I've got a situation on my hands. I live with a male friend and ex-roommate of mine that I once dated, years ago. Before this roommate moved in, we agreed we would not bring dates inside our home, to ensure neither of us has to worry about jealousy. Prior to my current roommate moving in, a male friend of mine, Jay (whom I've never been romantically involved with, and who might even be a virgin,) asks to crash at my place in a few months, as he's planning a little road trip. Of course I say sure I'd welcome him. Then my roommate/ex moves in a month or two later, and a month or two a
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