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  1. I was in the same position / still am I don't know anymore troubled waters. My girl is very close to her ex. It's weird. There are pictures of them dancing and drinking together without their Daughters there. They take pictures like an in tact family. It makes me feel like a side guy screwing up a good thing. I don't know what to do about it because everything else is amazing about her and us. I don't want to lose her but I'm torn between am I being insecure and jealous or a complete idiot and weak with no self respect or dignity. I don't want to lose heron principal but also can't live with her not seeing the conflict of interest and disrespect here.
  2. I agree with you. Just don't know how wrong that is. There is such a thing as emotional cheating and emotional conflicts of interest. She has been nothing but an amazing partner, faithful always gives me a lot of her time dedicated we share the same the goals and plans but this "thing" should be a no brainer but it's been the hurdle that I just can't rid of. I would hate to walk based only on pride and dignity but man..
  3. You're absolutely right. He is single and he has lost women over the same issue only they, from what I hear, were way more angry about it that I am. I'm more kinda chill about it but scratch my head like huh? Can I raise my hand and say something without being called every emasculating word in the book?
  4. I'm new here and looking for some unbiased feedback. I've been with my girlfriend for a year. She's amazing I couldn't build a better fit for me in a lab. She's beautiful and somewhat of a public figure through her modeling. I have battled insecurity issues in the past took a huge break from relationships and felt I was healthy and confident to take on what ever situation that comes my way with security and confidence. She has 2 Daughters and has been divorced for 10 years. Her and her Ex Husband have developed a very close relationship in the last 3 years, which she says, for the health and happiness of her girls. I believe it goes beyond and crosses the line of respectful towards me. The 4 of them do things together they go out like an intact family. Her and her Ex has gone out drinking at bars for each others BDays and out dancing. I trust her 100% there is no attraction sexually anymore but obviously there once was and why revisit the nostalgic "good time" Why? They both obviously get a fulfillment and satisfaction from each other. Also, she will moving into her ex Mother in Law's house soon. When she moves her man to call to help her move was her Ex husband not me. It feels very disrespectful and I'm called jealous and insecure. I'm battling is this insecurity? or is this just plain wrong? I understand I must accept the uniqueness of every situation. I'm not controlling I don't give ultimatums but I would like for her to take notice of how it must look and how it must make me feel and adapt to protect me as well. Their daughters love their parents dynamics and anybody who is new to the picture is felt like they are a wet blanket on their parent's happiness and how they like to see their parents. She gets a lot of male attention on facebook and when she goes out with her girlfriends she always seems to be hanging out with the same group of single men in her area that share her same interests. I don't have a problem with her going out I trust her. I have a problem when the next day guys she was hanging out with get the idea they can drive a wedge between her and I by finding a picture Im tagged in and commenting to make sure I know they were with her the night before. Or she takes a risky picture with a single guy at a bar. I feel she turns her relationship switch off and doesn't behave like a woman in an important relationship to her. The problems come the next when it feels like she forgets to turn the relationship switch or desire to be with me switch back on and I'm alienated for about 24 hours. I trust her I know she loves me but in my heart I know there is a lot wrong. A lot that I'm being asked to just be OK with because she refuses to lift a finger to change any of the dynamics that A. disrespect me or B. make me feel uneasy. Is something seriously wrong or am I reacting like even the most secure man on the planet would react? Thanks for any feedback you can give me.
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